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Adrian Pucey
the thin line between right and wrong

Full Name | Adrian Geoffrey Xavier Pucey
Nicknames | Ade, Golden Boy
Age | 28 years Old
Birthday | 30 May 1976
Blood Status | Pureblood
House/Year | Slytherin '94
Location | England
Family Home | Pucey Manor, just south of Bristol.
Current Residence | Imperial Warf, Fulham
Previous Occupation | Student
Current Occupation | Antiquities, Pucey & Sons.
Class | Old Money

Elizabeth Maria Pucey née Chavalier | Mother | Adrian has always been and will always be a mamma's boy. Unlike his relationship with his Father, Adrian and Elizabeth are very close. This close relationship is the cause of Adrian's manners (particularly regarding woman) and is also responsible for taking the edge off of his self-worth issues. While she is the typical pureblood wife and does not speak against her husband (unless he seriously deserves it), she offers Adrian strong support no matter the response he gets from his Father. If Elizabeth needs anything, Adrian is usually the first to drop what he's doing and assist her.

Phillip Anthony Pucey | Father | Adrian's relationship with his Father is less than warm. Phillip has always had ridiculously high expectations of his only son and Adrian's struggled to meet them on every turn. When he succeeds, there is no congratulations or any positive emotion. A new and harder expectation is placed in Adrian's lap instead. Needless to say, this relationship is strictly responsible for Adrian self-worth complex and the doubting of his own abilities. Adrian offers the man the respect he deserves as his father, but Adrian certainly doesn't seek out his Father's presence.

Victoria Chantelle Pucey | Sister, 16 | Adrian and his younger sister are very close. He enjoys being the big brother and having Victoria look up to him the way she does certainly helps combat some of the darker thoughts that pass through his mind after encounters with their father. He's done his best on the dating front. He is far worse than either of their parents when it comes to judging Victoria's possible dates, but he does his best not to step on her toes. Of course, he's not promising anything now that she's close to graduating Hogwarts. Being a guy, he knows exactly what goes through their minds when a pretty woman walks by and Victoria certainly took after her mother in the looks department.

Friends | ... to be added as connections in game are developed.

Sexuality| Heterosexual
Significant Other | None.
Children | None.

Loyalty/Alliance | Adrian's first sense of loyalty stems to his family. As the eldest son, he's always been expected to take over as Head of the family when his father steps down from the role. His first responsibility will always be to look out for their safety and well-being. Outside of that, he's only partially interested in the Ministry. He keeps an eye on them, particularly regarding international trade and the like, but he is of the firm belief that despite recent changes for the better, they are still a long ways off from righting themselves. Perhaps in his children's or grandchildren's life time they will be able to get their act together, but certainly not within his own.

Role in the War | Adrian's role during the war was strictly in the background. With his family's line of work, both Adrian and his father offered financing for the Death Eaters and procured rare and often dangerous items as per request, including the cursed necklace that was entrusted to Draco Malfoy. He had felt a slight pang of guilt when Katie Bell received the necklace instead, but after he had passed it on, the responsibility became the problem of someone else. He did only so much as what would ensure his family's protection.

Political Views | Adrian is more a traditionalist than a Purist. He most certainly isn't going to run around killing off the Muggles. For one, they greatly outnumber the wizarding world and two, most people have a certain rule about genocide being a no-no. He does, however, strongly believe that Muggle traditions and practices are far too present in the wizarding world and are partially responsible for some of wizardings oldest traditions being pushed to the side. Muggle influence needs to be strictly regulated in their daily lives and those who wish to embrace their wizarding heritage need to either fully embrace the wizarding way of life or simply return to their Muggle backgrounds.

Height | 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight | 225 lbs
Hair | Blonde, short and maintained
Eyes | Blue

Detailed Appearance | Adrian is one of those Purebloods you'll never see out and about in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He has always rather enjoyed looking good and he simply seems to be made for collared shirts and a tie. Much to the displeasure of his more traditional Father, Adrian tends to steer clear of the tradition Wizarding dress robes. For one, it's simply too much fabric, and for another, muggle styles suit his build a lot more. All of his suits tend to be in black or a dark grey. From time to time, he'll indulge in a deep blue to compliment his eyes. However, it's far more often that he chooses blue for his ties and/or shirts.

Upon first appearance, Adrian screams business and he enjoys that. His look is always polished and well-kept. For some, this might involve appearing somewhat stiff, but his personality smooths it out. It's clear early on that Adrian is the laid back sort. While he stands straight, his posture doesn't appear rigid and his movements are fluid. It is a conflicting range of characteristic, but one that Adrian is particularly capable of balancing.

When it comes to distinguishing features, he isn't the sort to condone getting a tattoo or a piercing. Whether they are found on male or female, they lack a certain attractiveness. The two key things you'll notice about Adrian is his easy smile and the small cleft in his chin, a feature he inherited directly from his father.

Wand | 11 inches, Hawthorn, Dragon heartstring
Boggart | Scorpians
Patronus | Wolf

Strengths | Determination, loyalty, hardworking, enjoys pushing himself, intelligent, wand work, sense of business, respectful, easy going, sense of humour
Weaknesses | has a hard temper when provoked, sometimes doesn't know when to quit, has a hard time turning down a challenge, self doubt, a need to prove himself

Detailed Personality | Adrian has several parts of his personality that he tries to mesh together. From time to time he can be very self-centered and snotty, but he can also be very caring when it comes to those closest to him. He has several different persona including: the dutiful son, the loving and protective older brother, the snotty socialite, and, of course, the businessman.

The Dutiful Son - to say he's worried about having to live up to his Father expectations is putting it lightly. His Father has always been quick to point out his faults and, despite his deep-rooted need to prove himself, he's ultimately terrified of falling short of the mark. They say not everyone is perfect, but the part of him that wants his Father's approval will do anything to reach that "Perfect" mark. More importantly, however, is his loyalty to his Mother and younger sister. It is his loyalty to them that is the only thing that overrides his desire to please his Father. It is also his need to keep them safe that he continues his role in this war.

Older Brother - it was a surprise to even Adrian that he took to being an older sibling so well. As the oldest son, Adrian really had no need for a sibling. He had his inheritance, his father had an heir, and that was it. When he discovered his Mother was pregnant for a second time, he wasn't all that impressed. For the entire duration of her pregnancy, Adrian wasn't at all interested in it. When Victoria arrived home, with her bright blue eyes and light blonde wisps of hair, she had him wrapped around her tiny little finger in an instant. He might complain about her often, but that does nothing to hide the fact that he loves her.

Snotty Socialite - if there is one thing you learn in Pureblood circles it's how to treat the rest of the world like they are below you. While High Society bored him to tears, the knowledge of how to navigate the waters is there ready to be used when need be. Even though high society has all but disappeared, Adrian still uses those skills to navigate the levels of the Death Eater circle.

The Business Man - Despite this being a learned skill, Adrian finds that this side of him comes naturally these days. Having spent so much time beneath the tutelage of his Father, he knows the ins and outs of the business better than anyone save his Father. He has a certain eye for determining which proposals are worth the effort and which will simply filter through the cracks.

Childhood | Adrian was born the first and only son of Phillip and Elizabeth Pucey in the early hours of May 30th, 1976. He was born into money, but it wasn't wealth that he would grow to yearn for. Growing up, Adrian rarely saw his Father. The man was present during evening meals and was a foreboding presence within the Manor, but that was the extent of their relationship ... unless, of course, Adrian's actions did not meet expectations. Phillip Pucey certainly didn't see the significance in creating a lasting bond. The only thing Adrian needed to know was that Phillip demanded proper respect and the older man would not tolerate anything less. Elizabeth, however, was a constant presence in his childhood. She didn't like leaving him under the care of someone else and much preferred to have him with her, often spending the entire day together. While she never went against her husband, she always offered him silent support in his endeavors. By the time he received his Hogwarts letter Adrian knew two things for sure: talking back to his Father never turned out well and his Mother would support him no matter what road he took to adulthood.

Hogwarts | Adrian was more than ready to board the Hogwarts Express, stepping out from beneath the weight of his growing resentment for Phillip. Adrian took to Hogwarts like a fish to water. He loved the social aspect of the school and he enjoyed the magical freedom. His Mother, from an early age, had fed the flames of his ego and to have others notice not only his charming smile but also his natural ability for wand work and quidditch was an added bonus. It wasn't until his second year that Adrian experienced anything close to displeasure at the school. It was just before Halloween Adrian received an owl from his Mother that would change his life forever. She was pregnant. Adrian was going to be a big brother! While some might have been excited, he didn't like the idea. He was going to have to share his mother’s attention. More importantly, what if his parents had another son? Was he going to have to share his inheritance? He was the eldest and, therefore, had the right to being the new head of household once his Father passed. What scared him the most, however, was the possibility that a younger brother might take what little attention he actually received from his Father. No little brother was going to take that away from him. In response to this news, Adrian spent the remainder of his second year with a permanent scowl on his face.

This extended temper tantrum lasted well into the summer months. He didn't want this to happen and yet there was absolutely nothing he could do about it but wait. It wasn't until Adrian was introduced to his new baby sister that his petulant attitude shifted into something much more productive. Victoria was so tiny and fascinating. From the moment she opened her bright blue eyes, she had Adrian wrapped tightly around her tiny little fingers. He really was a big brother and it was now his job to protect his little sister, even if that meant protecting her from the often harsh words of their Father. Over time, however, it became clear that Adrian wouldn't need to offer that sort of protection. Phillip was clearly wrapped just as tightly around her finger as the rest of them. A part of Adrian was annoyed with the fact that she easily received the sort of prideful attention he had always craved from his Father. However, he would take that over her facing the pressures he was faced with. Over the next several years, Adrian spent his time at Hogwarts playing Quidditch, casting spells, and breaking hearts while his summers were filled with entertaining Victoria and spending as much time with her as he could before he was back off to school.

As he moved from year to year, Adrian did his best to please his Father's high standards. His school work was top-notch and he always made sure he his assignments were done well, he'd made a first string position on the Slytherin Quidditch team, and when he took his Newts he had finished with 7 Owls' and 1 Exceeds Expectations. In his fifth year, Adrian was given the position of Prefect, but he never made it as Head Boy, much to his father's displeasure.

Post-Hogwarts | Graduation came as a bit of a shock to Adrian when it finally arrived. He’d been far too busy chasing skirts to have thought much about what he wanted to do with his life. He did know one thing, however. He certainly wasn’t going to end up with a "respectable" ministry job like his father had always wanted for him, prior to Adrian taking over the company. In the end it all boiled down to what he preferred to do. He enjoyed the effort it took to acquire some of the items requested by his Father's clients and it allowed him to get out of the office. Ultimately, Adrian left Hogwarts without any idea as to what his Father was going to say about his new found career choice. He was sure his Father was not going to like the fact that he wanted to work with the help. He knew he was expected to be the face of the company rather than being one of those who worked on the lower rungs.

As expected, his Father had not been impressed For the first time, however, Adrian held his ground on what he wanted. He wasn't going to give into what his Father's request, not when it would determine Adrian's happiness. He wasn't going to be stuck in a job he hated. He'd go absolutely mad. He hasn't really spent much time with his Father after that. Their interactions are usually restricted to brief, tense conversations about what is expected of Adrian in regards to taking over the head of the family position when his Father steps down.

Adrian never had that drastic a role in the war against Voldemort. That was one thing his Father had managed to do for him. Being in the business they were in, it was easier to avoid having the mark branded onto him so long as he participated in the arrangement his Father had made. Adrian hated how many times this would get in the way of what he wanted, but the options were slim. A big skull on his forearm was something that would affect him for the rest of his life. For the most part, he simply added to the financial backing, but from time to time his Father had insisted that he retrieve a requested item. None of the items were ever harmless.

With the death of Voldemort, nothing really changed for Adrian other than the fact that certain beliefs and social ties are no longer spoken in public. The face and the reputation of the company is maintained above all else.

Common Knowledge |
  • Is the heir to the Pucey fortune.
  • Has a severe allergy to peanuts. It could be a nut allergy in general, but he can't be sure as he's unwilling to try ingesting anything of the sort. Once was enough.
  • Is a Falcon's fan
  • Is dangerously charming when the need arises.
  • Is properly respectful when it comes to woman .. not always the case with men. He's far more opt to tear a strip of another male than he is to a female ... no matter how deserving of it they are.

  • Secrets |
  • Is afraid that his Mother's influence will wear out and his Father will take the prerogative to find Adrian a wife. Of all the Pureblood traditions Adrian dislikes arranged marriages the most.
  • Due to the relationship with his father, Adrian often finds himself doubting himself and his abilities. He'd never admit to it or show it publicly, but it's there beneath the surface.

  • Participation | Adrian will be participating with the potion, but he will not be doing so until he folds under the pressure/guilt his mother will apply to the situation. A few weeks at the very least.

    Soul Mate Attributes | I think for Adrian, he needs someone who is just as family oriented as he is. Family is a big deal to him and including another person into that circle is a big step. The importance of that needs to be taken seriously. On top of that, he will do well with someone who keeps him on his toes.

    Plot Ideas | A few here and there. lol. We'll just have to wait and see.
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