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George Weasley
a patched smile

Full Name | George Bartholomew Weasley
Nicknames | Georgie, Forge
Age | 25/26
Birthday | 1st April 1978
Blood Status | Pureblood
House/Year | Gryffindor '96
Location | England
Family Home | The Burrow, near Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon
Current Residence | 93 Diagon Alley, located above the Joke Shop
Previous Occupation | Student, mail-order Weasley Products
Current Occupation | Owner of Weasley Wizard Wheezes
Class | Middle Class

Molly Weasley nee Prewett | Mother | Housewife/Mother
Arthur Weasley | Father | Head of the Office for the Misuse of Muggle Artificats (returned to the post after the defeat of Voldemort)

William Arthur Weasley | Brother |
Fleur Weasley nee Delacour | Sister-in-Law |
Charlie Weasley | Brother |
Percy Ignatius Weasley | Brother |
Fred Weasley | Twin, d. 1998 | Co-Owner of Weasley Wizard Wheezes
Ronald Bilius Weasley | Brother |
Ginerva Molly Weasley | Sister | Chaser, Holyhead Harpies

Felicia & Fabian Higgs | Niece & Nephew, Twins | b. 2003

Friends | Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, Lee Jordan, Fred Weasley, Oliver Wood, Gabrielle Delacour, Harry Potter ... more to be added upon development

Sexuality| Heterosexual
Significant Other | None.
Children | None.

Loyalty/Alliance | George has always been very pro-Order. Being a "Blood Traitor" makes it a little bit difficult to be batting for the other guys. Once he was old enough to be included within the Order with his parents and older brothers, George and Fred were both active members.

Role in the War | George and Fred both were rather stretched out over the war effort. While keeping their story open, they were active members of the Order (even impersonating Harry the evening Mad-Eye Moody was killed), and appeared from time to time on Lee's radio show in order to share what news they could. On top of it all, their patented shield charms were flying off the shelf, leaving them the difficult task of keeping up. Despite it all, however, they were glad to have been able to help out.

Political Views | As can be expected, George is very Pro-Muggle. There are just too many things in the Muggle world that are interesting and work spectacularly in his line of work. He often gets great inspiration from Muggle films and the like. He doesn't think letting the Muggle world in a little is going to harm anyone.

Height | 5 feet 10 inches
Weight | 179 lbs
Hair | Weasley red
Eyes | Brown

Detailed Appearance | George is ... unique. That's the only way to look at it. Unlike modern society, he has absolutely no care with how he looks. You're pretty lucky if he even runs a brush through his hair every morning. Normally, it's shower and run a hand through it. Once it dries, it's dry and that's about it.

He is also a man of very interesting clothing. He wears what's comfortable and he's never, ever told his mother that he didn't like the sweater she had knitted him for Christmas. You know? The lumpy one with the giant G on the front? He wears it when it gets cold out. There isn't the just one like that in his closet, either. He sees no need to waste anything. He needs to wear clothing and it's clothing. Given the amount of time he spends in the joke shop, quite a few of his articles of clothing have stains on them. He has a knack for blowing things up on himself.

Eccentric or not. This isn't to say that George doesn't clean up nicely ... he does ... really! He just never has a reason to. So for the moment, you're stuck with the jeans, odd sweaters, and old sneakers.

Wand | 10 1/2 inches, Canary Wood, Griffin Claw
Boggart | Fred
Patronus | Howler Monkey

Detailed Personality | From day one, it was clear that Fred and George Weasley would be the cause of many of the grey hairs on Molly Weasley's head. They were terribly busy. The boys skipped crawling and went straight to running around the house. Nothing within their reach was safe. This might have been alright had there only been one, but with two of them running around, the Burrow was on it's toes on a regular basis. Some figured that perhaps they'd grow out of it, but that was wishing for two much. If anything, the twins only got worse with age. At least when they were toddlers, it was easy to keep an eye on them. Once they were out of sight, however, the real trouble began to brew.

Unfortunately, George's personality isn't what it used to be. Growing up and extending into his Hogwarts years, George was the sort to make you laugh just because he could. He enjoyed playing harmless pranks (especially on Percy and Ron) and it wasn't often that you ever saw him with a frown or anger showing on his face. Even in the face of Slytherin taunting, George couldn't be bothered to be irritated. How could he be irritated when the twins always got the best of the little snakes.

He used to enjoy being at the center of chaos. He lived for it, in fact, but things change when your partner in crime is permanently torn from your side. It makes it even worse, when said partner in crime is your twin. George is still incredibly loyal to his friends and family, but he isn't as outgoing as he used to be. Sure, it's been six years since Fred's passing, but George isn't close to being over it. Fred's room still contains all of his things, but the door stays closed and George stays clear of it. Molly has attempted to clear out the room on more than one occasion, but George refuses. It's the only time he really shows any sort of anger. He'll do it when he's good and ready, not before. Most have simply learned to accept that.

Taking care of the shop on his own isn't something he ever saw himself doing, so when he first had to step up it was a little overwhelming. Fred had taken half the workload before and now George faced doing all the things Fred used to do. Unwilling to let the venture fail and ultimately disappointing any memory of Fred, he spent all of his time on the shop, developing a certain "workaholic" nature. It's not uncommon for him to disappear for days on end. If he goes missing for too long, a friend or family member goes fishing in the work room and forces him back out into the world. As grumbly as he might seem at being disturbed, he does appreciate the fact that they are willing to do such.

Childhood | Despite their lack of wealth, George had a very rich childhood. Sure, they might not have had the newest toys, but they were never lacking in love and family. Even before the addition of the youngest two Weasley's the Burrow was always full of life and the twins certainly helped that along, bringing a smile even when you wanted to hex them silly. It was clear from the get go that they had their father's love of tinkering and their mother's fierceness, for nothing could prevent them from a goal. Once their minds were set, it was best just to get out of their way.

The twins never had much problem with Bill or Charlie. In fact, they looked up to them like all little brothers did. Still to this day, George has a great respect for both of the older Weasley boys. Percy, however, was not as fortunate. The twins seemed to have it out for him the moment they could walk. Poor Percy didn't know what he was in for. The twins hid his stuff, woke him up bright and early, and teased him mercilessly. Molly was forever chasing them off.

Like the boys before them, it didn't take long before they were levitating garden gnomes and changing their Mother's hair colour. A Weasley son, it seemed, would not be denied magic. If it wasn't for the decree of underage wizardry, Fred and George would have made the Weasley household a lot more colourful prior to their years at Hogwarts. When the letters finally came, it was both a relief to the poor parents and a bit of a concern. Frequent letters home, they were sure to receive. The twins were nothing like the Weasley's that came before them.

Hogwarts | As one can image, Fred and George took to Hogwarts like a moth to the flame. Of course, in most cases the boys were the flame and poor Hogwarts the moth. Here was an entirely new and decidedly larger environment for them to play in. There little pranks from home were no longer big enough. With all of Hogwarts before them, they needed something bigger and better. Unfortunately for Professor McGonagall, she would learn first hand the sort of brilliance the Weasley twins exuded. The two mastered charms and transfiguration spells with ease ... cleaning up the mess of said charms and spells, however, was not quite so easy.

Immediately upon their arrival the twins seemed to take the castle in hand. Nothing was kept hidden for long and their knack for finding hidden passages came into play in the very first week they were there. The passage behind the statue of Gregory the Smarmy was a favourite of theirs long before they swiped the Maurader's Map from Filch's office at the beginning of their second year. The two would treasure the key to their success until they passed it on to Harry Potter in 1993. Both were sad to see it go, but by that point they had already memorized all the hidden passageways.

Even without the map in hand, the twins didn't slow in their shenanigans. With the arrival of the Triwizard tournament to Hogwarts, the two redirected their pranks and jokes to finding a way to cross the age line that Dumbledore himself had erected around the goblet. Thinking that simple was the best means to counteract such a strong spell, the twins took an aging potion in order to hope the line. For once, however, it seemed that the joke was on them as when they crossed, the Spell had their hair growing until they had long white beards and hair to match. Wherever he'd been at the castle at that point, Dumbledore was sure to have been chuckling.

Of course, as the triwizard tournament came to a sorrowful end, things around the castle started to darken as rumors of Voldemort and danger started to spread, leaving the ministry to foolishly deny the possibility. With the Order of the Phoenix returning to full strength Fred and George were stuck outside of the action, not old enough to join the order but not interested in sitting on the side lines. Listening in on these conversations fed inspiration to them in the process of developing their horribly popular extendable ears. Though not even their success with inventions could make up for the coming year.

There weren't many people that the twins honestly hated, but Dolorus Umbridge refused to be kept off that list. Her ridiculous rules and assumed power within the school only further justified the twins decision to hop onto the DA train. A reason to stick it to Umbridge and outwit the thick slytherins. Why, thank you! Not that they really needed a reason. They'd done well enough on their known prior to that. Still, they certainly weren't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

As the year continued on, however, things simply grew worse and worse. The discovery of the DA and the subsequent lines written into their flesh was the point where the twins decided enough was enough. They'd always said that their time was wasted in school and this simply proved it. With Dolorus Umbridge taking over the school, Hogwarts had nothing left to teach them ... but the twins had a few things to teach Dolorus Umbridge. During one of the exams, the twins lite the fuse of chaos, setting off fireworks off in classrooms and hallways and even creating an entire swap within the castle ... all of which Dolorus had no idea of undoing. With no help from the other Professors, she was left to deal with it on their own.

In a blaze of glory (the twins words!) they left their Hogwarts careers behind them and looked on toward the future. At that point, the future for them was still bright and sunny.

Post-Hogwarts | Upon leaving Hogwarts the twins invested the money Harry had given them into the building of Weasley Wizard Wheezes. In no time at all they were open for business with more products than anyone could really believe. Sure, they had heard bangs and booms from the Twins' room for years, but no one thought that they'd been up to anything serious. The arrival and subsequent success of their shop proved everyone wrong. Even as shops around themwere attacked and closed down, Fred and George kept their's open and running, completely believing that people needed a smile more than ever.

As the war grew heated, the twins found themselves being pulled in various directions. The shop stayed open right up until the days of the final battle, they had active assignments from the Order, and they involved themselves in Lee's radio program as well. Anything that needed to be done, the twins volunteered to do. Their shield charms sold like crazy and it was all but impossible to keep up with demand, but somehow they managed it all with smiles on their faces. Even having his ear cursed off couldn't keep George from trudging forward with a joke and a laugh.

When the final battle arrived Fred and George were some of the first to arrive. Not only did they still have siblings within the school, but Hogwarts had been a good home to them for almost seven years. They weren't about to abandon it to some Death Eater scum now. Throughout the battle, Fred and George remained side by side. As long as they were together, nothing could touch them. Sadly, fate was going to prove them wrong. As a massive explosion rocked the castle, George found himself standing alone. There was no time to register the process of his twins Death. One moment Fred was there, standing with the rest of them. The next moment, he was gone forever.

It took a long time for George to accept the fact that Fred wasn't going to magically wake up. For months he was just numb. The emotions he got from his twin were no longer there and his own weren't strong enough to make up for that. Gradually, those around him noticed the changes. He grew quieter, less willing to be the center of attention, how sometimes there was a hesitation before he finished a sentence. He's slowly been working back toward what he once was, but most people recognize the fact that he'll never be 100% of what he once was.

Common Knowledge |
  • He's the sole owner of Weasley Wizard Wheezes, but maintains Fred's name on all the products and seals.
  • He's the fourth son of the Weasley herd.
  • Didn't graduate from Hogwarts, but left with Fred in a blaze of fantastic magic. A bit of which (the swamp), is still on display at Hogwarts courtesy of Headmaster McGonagall.
  • Is the worst of the Weasley hord for spoiling the newest set of twins ... even though he's horribly dissapointed that they're Higgs. No one's perfect, I guess.

  • Secrets |
  • Appreciates his family's concern for him, but hates when they smother him and/or lecture him on what he should be doing.
  • hates ABHORS when people use the phrase "Fred wouldn't/would want". No one knows what Fred would or would not have wanted better than him. It's a ridiculously unfair bard to use against him and it makes him furious.
  • Has from time to time (usually when Percy irritates him) that it should have been Percy who died in the war. Percy returned and Fred was killed. Sometimes, it's hard to see past the pain to realize that this is a ridiculous thought. He's never shared this with anyone for obvious reasons. He should be happy the rest of his family is safe.
  • Is unsure whether or not he wants a family of his own.

  • Participation | George will not be willingly participating in the soul mate potion. He doesn't really believe that a soul can be split more than once without serious repercussions (look at old Voldie!). He also doesn't think that all soulmates are of a romantic nature. A soulmate is just someone who fits you perfectly. For him, that was Fred. He doesn't need the reminder that Fred is gone.

    Soul Mate Attributes | If he had to think about it, his soul mate would most certainly be of like mind. It's the reason, he's sure Friend was his other half (twin soul). They'd both taken so much pleasure out of making other people laugh. They were one and the same. If, by some miracle, it wasn't Fred, he'd be best with someone patient, who could understand him and his oddities.

    Plot Ideas | A few here and there. lol. We'll just have to wait and see.


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