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when a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport
when the tiger wants to murder him, he calls it ferocity

Full Name: Alexandra Rahi Montgomery
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Lexi
Date of Birth: 23 February 1945
Age: 67
Faction: Buchanan Industries - Originated through medical post in India, until she was reassigned to the Main Headquarters in London. As her nature is on the more solitary level, her allegiance to the Werewolf faction is extremely limited. It's her job she's most attached to.
Sexuality: Heterosexual - though, that's merely based on the fact that she's never put forth the effort to single out a potential playmate of the same sex. She finds men are always eager and are easier to get rid of.
Location: London, England.
Occupation: Neurosurgeon | First Floor, Area Six of Buchanan London Headquarters

Animal: White Bengal Tiger
Born or Bitten: Born. Her Mother is a second generation Weretiger. Her Father can trace his lineage back to when the British trade in Asia through the East Indian Company shifted from Surat - the hub of the Spice trade network - to Fort St. George located in Madras (now known as Chennai) in 1720. He is a third generation weretiger, making her the fourth generation.
Pack: The only pack she can be considered a part of is her family group. The connection to her Mother was stronger when she was young, but once she had harnessed her abilities she immediately set herself to a more solitary lifestyle, as is natural for most Bengal tigers.
Standing in Were Society: She is not associated with any one pack, therefore she has no pack standing. Among her familial connections, she is the second child, outranked by her older brother.

Height: Five Feet, Six Inches
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Long, blonde, naturally wavy
Eyes: Jade, green
Distinguishing Marks: Lexi doesn't have very many markings on her body that she didn't put there herself. In fact, there is only one scar on the back of her left shoulder that she particularly wishes wasn't there. It's in the distinct shape of claws scraping over the skin. When she was much younger, she was fond of testing her own abilities, which unfortunately landed her on the wrong side of a much older Tiger. It was a mistake that she did not make twice. As far as tattoos go, however, she has only one. It's located in between her shoulder blades and depicts a pair of wings and a Latin phrase that, once translated, reads 'she flies with her own wings''. A final feature that sets her out is her eyes. Rather than the bright blue of the rest of her family, Lexi's eyes are a shade of green that very closely resembles jade. Her eyes stand out among her features, particularly in her tiger form.

Human Form | Standing at five feet, six inches, Lexi doesn't particularly cut an intimidating image. With her long blonde hair and slight figure, she doesn't look like she has much to put up a fight with. This might be inaccurate, but true nonetheless. Given the amount of time Lexi spends in the operating room or the medical center at Buchanan headquarters, her usual attire extends to the official scrubs issued to each of the companies medical staff. When at work, she's all business. Her scrubs are always neat and her hair is either tied back in a bun or a french braid, keeping the long strands out of her eyes.

It's only on those rare occasions that Lexi isn't working that her wardrobe expands and shows off more of her fashion sense. She's a massive fan of business casual and owns plenty of pencil skirts, blouses, and well-designed dresses. As comfortable as she is with herself, you'll never find her dressed in anything that shows too much of her skin. Her skirts never sit more than two inches above her knee and her tops don't display mass amounts of her breasts. She's of the opinion that if you weren't going to actually cover your body with clothing, than why wear them to begin with.

Her main love, however, is shoes. She loves heeled boots. Absolutely loves them, but unfortunately, she doesn't get to wear them often. Heels are not hospital friendly. Along side her heels, she has plenty pairs of white trainers she uses for work.

Tiger Form | Her tiger form is what further separates her from the rest of her family. Not only are her eyes green rather than blue, but her coat isn't the typical orange of most Bengal tigers. She was born with a white coat. White Bengal Tigers are estimated to be born 1 in ever 15 000. Her features are rare and to some, like her Father, prized. She, however, couldn't care less about the rarity of her her animal features. She's never been interested in being a prize trophy for some hunter or, worse yet, of a husband. As a female, her tiger form stands slightly smaller than average. It's noticeable only to those who are familiar with the species.

Political Views: Lexi does not hold much loyalty to the faction of Werecreatures. Unlike some of the other groups, it lacks organization and a strong base on which to stand. She's the sort of person that looks out for her own well-being first, so if she's bound to support any particular group it would be Buchanan Industries. She likes her job and has spent years getting to where she is now. She has little care for the personal grudges of the Witches, Vampires, or whatever faction seems to have their panties in a twist. Fiercely independent, she has absolutely no intention of ever joining a pack outside of a simple family unit ... and even that is a good deal into the future.
Overall: Above everything else, Lexi is fiercely independent and highly determined. She simply isn't made to be a member of a pack. Like her animal form, she's a very solitary creature, but will gladly extend the claws and teeth to protect what is hers. Even her family holds little ties for her. Once she was old enough to be out on her own, Lexi removed herself from the familial structures of her childhood home in India. Her one true love has always been and will always be striving to further her abilities, particularly when it comes to her work. She loves being a doctor. Even in medical school, she was pushing herself past a position as a mere family physician. She wanted more than that. It took years of schooling, but her interest took her into one of the most complex and delicate aspects of the human body: the nervous system.

Becoming a neurologist has not been easy, but it served to feed her curious nature and need to prove herself. In a strange combination of determination and self-awareness, Lexi threw herself into her schooling. She didn't care about anything outside of that. Blind focus, perhaps, is a weakness for many, but it's the way Lexi's own mind is wired. She sees what she wants and works endlessly until she gets it. As she strove toward her goal, she often wondered if there was going to come a time when she couldn't go any further. To an extent, she's reached that point. She's sitting among the top of her field and (in her opinion) there isn't another field to branch into that would be as interesting as her own. Cardiovascular means nothing in comparison to working and understanding the brain of another creature. The greatest thing about her work, however, is that it's never the same. All nervous systems are wired differently and she enjoys finding these differences and, for lack of a better word, mutations that come with the supernatural fractions.

She might sound like a workaholic and, in a certain right, she is. Her career takes up the vast majority of her awareness, but the part of her that is intimately connected with her animal form has come to feel a bit caged. There are times that she wishes desperately for the jungles of India. Here, in London, she doesn't have the ability to shed her human form and take to the jungle. Instead, she's restricted to uninhabited areas outside of the city as often as she can manage. Sometimes, she'll even turn within her apartment, simply to enjoy her animal form.

When it boils down to it, the main personally trait that drives Lexi is her ambition and sense of self-worth. She strives for the best, because she truly believes that's what she deserves.

Skills/Talents: If it has to do with the human nervous system, Lexi is the girl you want to see. With twenty one years of schooling and over ten years in the field as a Neurosurgeon there really isn't anything she doesn't know about the human brain. Her key interest will always be studying the differences between the nervous system in humans verse those of the supernatural realm, but unfortunately live patients aren't really forth coming. With her enhanced senses as a werecreature, she's quite good at locating problems other, strictly human, neurologist will miss. She's an expert at saving those who others consider to be a lost cause ... of course, she does this to prove to herself that she can rather than simply the joy of saving a life. On the language front, having been born and raised in India, Lexi can speak Hindi, Gujarati, and Punjabi fluently.
Abilities: Born a Weretiger, Lexi has always enjoyed an increase in senses, including smell, hearing, strength, and speed. She has also, from a young age, been able to change from her human form to the form of a rare white Bengal Tiger. Among these abilities, Lexi has a much faster healing rate than that of her human counterparts, as well as a longer life span thanks to the regeneration of cells due in part to the continuous change between human and animal form.
Weaknesses: Like everyone on the planet, Lexi has her weaknesses ... even if she doesn't openly admit to them. Being a werecreature, her biggest weakness is silver. Silver slows her regenerative abilities, making her heal slower than her normal rate. Her second weakness is the amount of time it takes her to change between woman and tiger. The time differs depending on how long it's been since her last shift. At home in India, she had it down to last only a span of five minutes. In the heart of London, however, it has lapsed and stands anywhere between eight minutes to ten, leaving her extremely vulnerable during that time.

Personal: Lexi doesn't know much about her Mother's family. Any family history that has been shared has been solely based on her Father's family. None of which, has ever gone back to their time in London. The story always starts with the arrival of her Great, Great Grandfather arriving with the East India Trading Company when the focus of British trade in Asia shifted from Surat - the hub of the Spice trade network - to Fort St. George located in Madras (now known as Chennai) in 1720. A British merchant, William Montgomery made his fortune working for the East India Trading Company moving spices, art, and textiles. His means were not always above the law, purchasing items for well below what they were worth and selling it to the company for twice as much as he'd paid. By the time of the Battle of Plassey, 23 June 1757, and the beginning of Colonial India, William was a well-established and wealthy man in Madras. He owned a large home, had money to spare, and had recently married a British beauty to complete his estate.

The topic of William's change from man to Were has never been told to Lexi. All she knows is that some time between 1757 and his death in early months of 1759, William had become a Were. This period of time is never discussed among the family and she's positive that not even her own Father knows the true story. Given the secrecy, she has come to the conclusion that his turning was not voluntary, nor was the turning of his wife, Elizabeth . To further darken their personal history, the conception and birth of William's son, Samuel, is also a story not told. What Lexi does know is that after his birth he was raised by a friend of the family, Robert Harker. A fellow merchant, the man took over William's holdings after William and Elizabeth's sudden deaths. He held the position until Samuel was old enough to manage the finances himself.

Unlike his Father before him, Samuel was born a Were and had to learn early on how to handle the change. To his credit, Robert handle the difficulty of raising a Were to the best of his ability, but it certainly didn't make Samuel's time any easier. All he learned, he did so through trial and error. Following his Father's lead, at the age of 18, Samuel joined the East India Trading Company in 1778. Working his way from ship hand to merchant, he built upon what his Father had left him. Samuel, while being the first born Were in the family line, was also the one to start a certain tradition among the family. Growing accustomed and then proud of his heightened abilities, he took it upon himself to ensure his children were also of strong breed. When choosing a bride, he accepted a dowry on the understanding that his wife-to-be would willingly be turned prior to the conception of any children.

It would be a tradition that was carried on by his son Elijah, who also accepted a dowry based on the same stipulations. It wasn't until Lexi's father that the chain was loosened but not broken. William II was born in the 1800's, head of the large Montgomery holdings in Chennai, he was set to include the same sort of stipulation in his marriage proposal. It would prove to be unnecessary. On a business trip to Delhi, William met Rebeka, a second generation Weretiger. Coming from another well-establish British family, it was the perfect opportunity to ensure his children would carry the were blood as well as creating a merger between the two families, increasing the net value of his holdings. It was not a marriage originally based on love, but the two grew closer over the years.

Their first child, Richard, was born 12 July 1936. He was the heir William was looking for, but that didn't stop William from conceiving another child. Lexi was born on the early morning of 23 February 1945. With Richard already noted as the heir, William and Katherine welcomed a daughter without a complaint ... at least at that point. Of the two children, Lexi would prove to be the wild card, far more solitary and fiercely determined than her brother. Richard was content to remain in Chennai and follow in his Father's footsteps, while Lexi could barely be contained. The first time she changed, at the age of twelve, it became clear just how different she was from the rest of her family. Both of her parents, as well as her brother, possessed the regal colouring of the Bengal Tiger, but Lexi's own fur was the palest white. A rare mutation in their kind, but one that had it's own value.

William was pleased when she blossomed into a rather fetching young woman. This was a golden opportunity to arrange a marriage for the benefit of the family, but what William had not counted on was Lexi venomous treatment of all possible suitors her Father had lined up. She would not be locked in the proverbial cage of marriage. She had much more planned for her life. Once her primary schooling was complete, Lexi had developed a strong love of science and a keen interest in the human body. Much to her Father's displeasure, Lexi (without permission) used her dowry to enroll herself in University of Delhi in the fall of 1963. This was where her long stretch of education would begin. When she graduated with an honours degree in Biochemistry, Lexi pushed onward, earning a spot at All India Institute of Medical Sciences in 1967. One of the top medical schools in the country, Lexi ate up everything they gave her. It was here that her obsession with the human brain and nervous system would develop. It was the most delicate and most complex of the human body and she wanted to know everything about it. She wanted to know how it worked and how it reacted to different stimulants.

By 1971, she had a Honors Degree in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Medicine, but she was no where near finished. From 1971 - 1975 Lexi earned her Bachelor of Surgery and from 1975-1979 she completed her doctorate of Medicine. With the necessary education under her belt, she was more than ready to tackle the five year residency she now faced. It had been years since she'd returned home to Chennai, but thoughts of her family couldn't have been further from her mind. She was almost at her goal and there was nothing that was going to stop her. With her marks and clear drive, it didn't take her long to secure a residency at the Indian Spinal Injuries Center in Delhi. It was one place in the vast city that she wanted to be. The best care center in the area, Lexi took in everything they offered her, storing the information away and pushed the boundaries of the norm.

Once finished her residency, it was a simple transition from resident to a member of the established staff. She didn't look further for possible employment opportunities. With a reputation as the best treatment center for spinal injuries, she didn't see the immediate need to relocate. With some of the best neurologists in India working around her, she took it for what it was: a means to further her own skills. She remained as a member of the staff for eight years, increasing her skill and knowledge of the human nervous system and using her heightened senses and faster movements to build a reputation for herself as one of the best neurosurgeons at the center.

It wasn't until mid 1992 that a representative from Buchanan Industries approached her with an offer. They were quite aware of her were heritage and her medical skills spoke for themselves. She was hesitant to leave a well paying and stable position at the Spinal Injury Center, but the temptation of working on species outside of the human touched her curiosity enough that she agreed to the position. It was mostly research, however, practical duties and rounds were also expected, but would not maintain the same amount of time. She realized that a working knowledge of Weres, in particular, in the hands of such a company might very well turn against her in the future, but the opportunity to further her understanding couldn't be denied.

When she started working for Buchanan she'd had no intention of leaving India. It was home and she was quite used to slipping off into the jungle to turn. After over nine years working at the location in India, the opportunity to transfer to the main Headquarters in London was offered. She was hesitant to leave India, knowing full well that a Tiger had no place in the streets of London, but after much thought and contemplating her future, her curious nature and her ambition won out and she accepted. She made the move in the spring of 2002 and has been working in London ever since. She misses India terribly, but her work keeps her busy and the touch of India in her apartment fights off the worst of the homesickness. She doesn't usually take time off, but she makes an exception once a year to make the return trip to India. Her family may be of British decent, but her true home isn't so British.

  • Born and raised in Chennai, India.
  • Doesn't respond to anything other than Lexi or Dr. Montgomery .. though, she prefers Lexi outside of work.
  • Has a deep fascination with the human brain
  • Even living in London, she surrounds herself with things that remind her of India. Her apartment was designed to resemble her previous home in Chennai.
  • Hates British food.
  • Has spent 21 years studying and training for her career.
  • One of the best in her field.

Name: Dani
Contact Info: foreverspock [AIM] / d.alkenbrack@gmail.com
Who is the best character in game? Dmitriy Ivanovich Volkov
PB: Katie Cassidy [1] [2] [3]

1st Person Sample:
[Private: Self]
It is not my objective to characterize saccatic eye movements as a marker for the decision-making process in frontotemperal dementia. The fact that I have to go over these damn reports and offer my own opinions on the matter is a complete and utter waste of my time. The decision making speed of patients suffering from dementia couldn't be farther from my interests right now. Instead of reading this useless pile of medical jargon (used incorrectly, for the most part) I could be further developing a surgical process for those individuals with a higher regeneration rate than mere humans.

Being a Were myself, silver plated instruments are a nuisance. The gloves I have to wear just to protect my own hands are cumbersome and decrease my accuracy. It's frustrating. There has to be something to slow the regeneration long enough to operate on major damage to the nervous system. This is not the fucking stone age. It shouldn't be that difficult.

And yet ... here I am ... reading the work of an मूर्ख.

मैं बेवकूफ से घिरा हुआ हूँ.

[Private: Buchanan Administration overseeing Medical Division]

My reports and review of Parker's findings will be submitted first thing tomorrow morning. I'm afraid the practical uses of his study holds no importance to the objective of the company, but perhaps you will see something that I have missed. In regards to my own work, the regenerative capabilities of the subjects have not yet been slowed enough to allow for proper surgery to be completed. Cells are regenerating faster than I can repair the damage to the spinal cord. Further test will commence next week.

3rd Person Sample: It was on those rare days when she didn't go into work that Lexi missed India the most. Lounging in her apartment in a pair of her pajamas, flicking through terrible British day-time television. As much as she hated Bollywood films, she'd be happy to have a whole stack of them to go work her way through. Instead, she was listening to dry British humor. At least, she'd managed to find a decent Indian place to order from. Bad Indian take-out would have been the last straw before she went back to work, declaring that she no longer needed days off. She'd just forever stay in the same cycle of work, eat, sleep, ect. It wouldn't be that bad, really. She'd continue her work, things would get accomplished, and she wouldn't miss home until the annual point when she went through customs at the airport in Delhi.

It would a lovely ... if not somewhat pathetic ... existence.

Growling lowly, she tossed the remote onto the couch. After glaring at the telly for a few more minutes, she pushed herself off the couch, ignoring the food containers on the table. What she needed was to shift. It was a good forty minute drive till she reached the outskirts of the city, but it was still early. Changing from her pajamas into a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt, she grabbed her keys and was out the door before she could change her mind.

Being cooped up inside all the time was the problem, she was sure of it. If she spent more time in her tiger form perhaps she wouldn't miss home as much as she did. The drive never seemed as long when she was looking forward to the change. In no time at all, it seemed, she was pulling her car off the road. Pulling a well-used not explaining car trouble, she stuck it in the window to prevent it being towed while she was gone. Getting out, she circled to the other side of the vehicle and began to remove the clothes she'd thrown on.
It was dangerous to be out in the open, particularly with her change taking almost ten minutes to complete, but she couldn't very well change in the car. It was a bit more difficult to open door when you had paws rather than hands. It would be worth it, in the end, to shed all the concerns she had as a woman. There was little that concerned her as a tiger. It would be a lovely reprise.

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