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ruled by death

There was a deliberate voluptuousness that was both thrilling and repulsive. And as she arched her neck she actually licked her lips like an animal till I could see in the moonlight the moisture, then lapped the white, sharp teeth. Lower and lower went her head. I closed my eyes in a languorous ecstasy and waited
- Bram Stoker, Dracula

Woke up screaming in bed, the silence taunts me.
It's like I'm there again

HEIGHT | 6 feet 1 inch.
WEIGHT | 202 lbs
EYES | dark brown
HAIR | short, black, styled daily
Skin | pale

MANNER OF DRESS | Tyler always looks the part of a rocker. He has very, very little colour in his wardrobe and normally sticks to black, but will stretch out to white and shades of grey. You won't find a bright red shirt in his closet, nor will you find any sort of dress clothes. He doesn't wear a tie, nor does he wear anything that needs to be ironed. His favourite sort of outfit is a pair of black jeans with a black t-shirt. One accessory, he always wears is a leather wrist band. A friend of his who is now deceased gave it to him years ago and he only takes it off to shower.

TATTOOS | Tyler has a lot of them. He's one of those blokes who's all but addicted to having them done. Like his clothing, they do not have any colour in them. All of his tattoos are done in shade of grey and he thinks the lack of colour gives them more depth. His newest tattoo is Kanji symbols spelling out his daughters name running down the inside of his left arm. He had it done when his daughter was born to remind him that his life wasn't just about him anymore. Tyler is a big fan of Japanese style tattoos, as he enjoys the style. On his right arm, Taylor has a tattoo of a dragon. The tail rests just above his elbow and it's head comes over his shoulder to rest on his chest. The body of the dragon is wrapped around his arm. It is one of his favourite tattoos. His back, however, contains the largest of his tattoos. It is a complete tattoo of a geisha sitting among cherry trees, her back is turned and her kimono is slipping off of her shoulders. It is incredibly detailed and was very time consuming to have completed.

We pretend to see truth in all these lies
I close my eyes to hide their faces haunt me

STRENGTHS | loyal, determined, focused
WEAKNESSES | impatient, temperamental, restless
DETAILED PERSONALITY | Tyler really is the simple sort of guy. He's not overly deep or super complex. He likes what he likes and he's straightforward when he needs to be. Privacy is a luxury at times and he greatly looks forward to those times when he can be on his own. Often he will simply disappear into the city and isn't seen again for hours. This makes him seem like he isn't very open and not at all friendly, but all you have to do is ask about something he takes interest in and he'd be happy to tell you otherwise. He prefers to be the silent one and let the others do the talking, but that doesn't mean he has no sense of humour. With those he is close to and familiar with, he opens up a lot more than with those he doesn't know.

In further regards to his privacy, Tyler is very particular about how much detail gets out about his life prior to being turned and who he often spends his time with.

Tyler has always looked he roll of the bad boy and he used to live up to it as well, but in recent years that has tended to die off. Living decade after decade tends to change your perspectives. He still has a good time when he can, but it isn't quite like it used to be. Even though he has developed a certain tolerance for being out in the sunlight, he prefers the late hours and often sticks to those. He is very much a creature of the night.

You feed on their bones live on through their names
And pray for their souls that god can't save

Tyler can't remember a lot of his childhood. As the years pass the memories fade. He knows his family settled along the east coast and he can remember the smell of the fresh bread his Mother used to make, but he couldn't tell you the size of their house or which bedroom he had. As the memories fade, he lets most of them go, focusing only on the faces of his parents and younger siblings, all of them long since passed on. What he will always remember, however, is the night that he was turned. It irrevocably changed his life and he can't always say that it was for the better.

Tyler, even then, had a volatile temperament. He hated being dictated to and he hated, above all else, the simple life his parents had. The oldest son of a blacksmith, he was expected to learn his Father's trade and carry on the skills. Spending his days sweating excessively was not something that Tyler longed for. He wanted to find his own way. More importantly, he wanted more than just that, which only drove a wedge between him and his Father. At the age of eighteen, Tyler made the choice to leave. It wasn't the sort of departure that involved saying good-bye to his family. It was the sort of departure that left his family to find an empty bed when they rose.

For a series of time, Tyler merely traveled along the East coast, sticking to the populated areas and earning money where he could. It wasn't quite so glamorous as he had often imagined, but, he reasoned, he was making his own way. It wasn't until he was 26 that fate dealt him a hand of cards that he would never have begun to anticipate. At that time he was working as a stable hand roughly 100 miles from his parents home. More often than not the lot of them worked late, never leaving until well after night fall. It was a tough job, but it got him by. Having said good night for the evening before heading home, Tyler never made it. He never saw his attacker, merely felt it's teeth pierce his neck. Blacking out with the rapid loss of blood, Tyler woke up alone, hours later in an abandoned home off the side of the road he'd been walking prior to his attack.

Confused and strangely hungry, he stumbled out of the home and into the light, only to have the warm sun burn his skin, shooting excruciating pain throughout him. Left to deal with his transition on his own, Tyler remained locked in the cabin, his hunger growing as he waited for the sun to go down. When the sun finally went down, Tyler was set loose. Not knowing what to expect and not having any idea on how to control it, he fed. Working his way through the poor souls that found themselves in his path. His thoughts jumbled, he lost himself to it.

It wouldn't be for several weeks before he met another like him. Gabriel D'Arcangelo. A vampire of European decent. He'd been alive decades before Tyler and took pity on the younger vampire, teaching him control. Gabriel, after some time, because a sort of Father figure for Tyler where there was no one. For years the two of them traveled together, moving west as society grew. It wouldn't be until the early 1990's that they were forced apart. Passing through a small town in rural Virgina, the two found themselves in the middle of a fight between a group of Hunters and a small group of vampires in the area. Caught in the middle of the fighting, Gabriel was killed: a steak through the heart.

With nothing left to do, Tyler disappeared, lost among the chaos of the fighting. From there, he merely wandered, the loss of his friend a hard pill to swallow, until he found himself in Amethyst city. Uninterested in the idea of peace between the races, he was merely looking for a place where he could fade into the background. He's found that to an extent here. He enjoys his bartending job at Sanctum, having acquired it not long after arriving in the city, even if he isn't the most talkative of people. He might not talk up a storm, but he knows his drinks. If there's one thing he's paid attention to over the decades, it's alcohol.

[profile] vampedty

FULL NAME | Tyler Shannon Vaisey
NICKNAMES | Ty, Vaisey
CURRENT AGE | Two hundred and four
DATE OF BIRTH | 03 June 1798

SEXUALITY | Heterosexual
CURRENT OCCUPATION | Bartender [Sanctum]

LIKES | warm blood, woman, evening, the dark, silence, rock music
DISLIKES | easy woman, loud voices, ignorance, being told what to do.

POWERS | speed, strength, compulsion, heightened senses
WEAKNESSES | no more than thirty minutes in the sun, a woman with dark eyes and dark hair, a need to be on his own from time to time, moody temperament.


Getting Inked
Ice Cream
Annoying Marietta


NAME: dani
AIM: foreverspock
EMAIL: d.alkenbrack@gmail.com
PB: tyler connolly
AVAILABILITY: most every day

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