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Noah William Pierce
Where does the white go when the snow melts?


HEIGHT | 6' 3"
WEIGHT | 230 lb
EYES | bright blue
HAIR | blond, shoulder length

DETAILS | Noah has always carried the rugged look. With a quick glance he comes off as the sort to be always outside doing crazy sports that could get himself killed ... which is only partially true. He doesn't always try to get himself killed. Growing up in Anaktuvuk Pass (Northern Alaska), there wasn't a whole lot of pop culture to immerse himself in which left the 256 total inhabitants of the Pass to look to their massive backyard of mountains, trees, and rivers.

Even living in Amethyst, he's never been one for shorts. He sticks mainly to jeans and t-shirts. You will never catch him wearing sandals and he certainly has no intent on cutting his hair. Most of the time he tends to stick out like a sore thumb in the city, but it doesn't bother him. As strange as he might seem to those born and raised in the area, they're far stranger to him.

What's particularly entertaining about his appearance tends to come as the winter is approaching. When he's putting on a sweater, everyone else is putting on a winter jacket, earning him quite a few stares.


STRENGTHS | hunting, family loyalty, easy sense of humor, patience, physical strength, energetic, keen hearing, knowing when to take action, good listener,
WEAKNESSES | aggressive when pushed, ignoring omens, jumping to wrong conclusions, not being able to adapt to new situations or understandings, stubborn

DETAILED PERSONALITY | For the most part, Noah is a pretty simple guy. He likes what he likes and tends to steer clear of the things that he doesn't. Having spent over two decades changing between man and bear, his personality greatly resembles the creature he turns into and that can be seen particularly when you push past his fun-loving playful side and enter into the realm of his irritation. It takes a lot for Noah to get angry, but when he does he's often particularly aggressive ... though this usually only applies to other males. With females, he tends to verbally bare his teeth and then physically remove himself from the situation.

Having spend most of his life in a rural part of Alaska where every decision when out in the mountains could mean danger, he's particularly good at judging when a situation might be beneficial and when it's not. When faced with a decision, he always considers all possibilities and never sets foot on a path if he thinks it might put himself at risk. That being said, however, he's always happiest when outside.

The final piece to his personality would have to be the way he tends to latch onto an idea, whether or not he has the full picture. Once he gets an idea into his head, it's damn near impossible to get it out. With him it's if you look guilty you are guilty. A trial's just wasting time. This attitude tends to make it a little harder for him to make friends, but those he does befriend he usually trusts completely whether or not they have actually proved themselves to be trustworthy. He takes it on faith that they are.


If there ever was a person who came across as having been born in the woods, Noah is it. Born in a small town in Northern Alaska, the wilderness was never that far from the doorstep and he spent may days as a child and then an adult exploring everything that it had to offer. As a child, with three older brothers, he wasn't the first of the family to scare the life out of his Mother. By the time he was off getting lost she was quite used to at least one of her children disappearing for hours on end without a word. It was just their way. Their father had been the same way. Noah, was not, however, born a were. It was something only he and his oldest brother would share.

When Noah was sixteen, he and his oldest brother Adam had gone further north on a short hunting trip. They'd been following the movement of a herd of Caribou for some time and the two of them were going ahead of their father and other two brothers to map out the region the herd had settled in. Reaching the north-west coastline, the two had set up camp unaware of the significance of that particular night when the full moon would be shinning clearly over the ice. Like all those who suffer from animal attacks, the two young men weren't prepared to face down one of the largest terrestrial carnivores on the planet. They hadn't set out to hunt bear and were sadly unprepared for it.

Looking back on that night, Noah often wonders how the two of them survived it. Noah had been sixteen and Adam 19. Neither one of them were experienced with hunting bear and neither one of them had the appropriate tools for the job. They'd been full of fear and panic and any shots they had managed to get off hit no where near the intended target. They only thing he can guess is that the intent had not been to kill, for there had been no one around to help ward off the bear. When everything was over, Noah suffered from a severe puncture would to his right shoulder and several deep gouges along his side. His brother, however, suffered from mostly lower body wounds, his left leg taking the brunt of the abuse.

Being flown out of the area to one of the larger populated areas, neither Adam nor Noah realized the full extent of what had happened. It wouldn't be until the full moon forced their bodies to undergo the change between man and beast that they were given any glimpse of just how much that night had changed their lives. It was a struggle to incorporate the fact that two of their sons changed into animals once a month, but over time the tension in the house began to lessen. Envy, however, began to creep up (particularly from the other two brothers) when it became clear that Noah and Adam's aging had slowed. At fifty, Noah looked barely 29 while his brother's hair greyed and their health began the slow and steady decline into old age.

After a while, it became clear that the two of them would be destined to watch their family grow old and die around them. It wasn't the sort of life either of them wanted, but as the years passed, Adam became more and more persistent on leaving. Their parents were gone and their siblings would only follow suit in time. Adam, for his part, wanted to go south, while Noah was content in the North. With Adam being the only family who truly understood him, Noah eventually gave into his brother's push to move, which is how they have ended up in Amethyst city. The two of them had traveled for about a year before they had stumbled upon news of the city were both the supernatural and the natural coincided peacefully ... or as peacefully as that sort of situation could become. After everything they had seen over the years, it seemed a bit too good to be true, but Noah followed after his older brother and soon enough found him outside the city.

Coming from of a town of barely 250 people, the city was large and loud. It wasn't something Noah particularly liked, unlike his brother who was drawn to the lights like a moth to the flame. Unwilling to be absorbed by the bustle of the city, Noah found himself a room outside of the city which allowed him the opportunity to only venture in when the need arose, as well as allowed him contact to the forest. It's a daily choice between the city and the forest. It's a choice that has the forest winning nine times out of ten. As odd as it might be to have a Polar bear wandering through the trees outside Amethyst, it still beats another body crammed into the streets.

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FULL NAME | Noah William Pierce
CURRENT AGE | 54, appears 29
DATE OF BIRTH | August 20, 1958
PLACE OF BIRTH | Anaktuvuk Pass, Northern Alaska

SPECIES | Were-Bear | Polar Bear - Being the most outstanding hunter of the bear family also makes the polar bear the most aggressive of the bears. They have very keen hearing, listening for sounds under the ice from above. When polar bear hears a seal bubbling to the surface of an air hole, it patiently waits for the favorite prey to come up. Then polar bear gives a swift pounce on the seal to drag it from the water, to be consumed. This indicates that polar bear knows when to wait and when to act on an opportunity. These white bears have a playful side too, sliding on ice and playing with cubs, indicating that though they're serious about the task at hand they know when to relax and nourish the soul.

SEXUALITY | hetersosexual
CURRENT OCCUPATION | owner of a harem Bouncer @ Sanctum

CURRENT RESIDENCE | Bones' Boarding House

LIKES | snow, ice, winter, being outside, hiking, running, hunting
DISLIKES | high temperatures, being stuck inside, the rain, people who are overly neat, crazy people who take animal rights too far.


NAME: dani
AIM: foreverspock
EMAIL: d.alkenbrack@gmail.com
PB: chris hemsworth
AVAILABILITY: most every day

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