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not human? too damn bad for you!

We’re the worst thing because for us the worst thing is the best thing. And it’s only the best thing for us if it’s the worst thing for someone else ― Glen Duncan, The Last Werewolf

What would you do if we woke up and the whole world was gone?
Well, would you believe with me is where you belong?

HEIGHT | 5 feet 6.5 inches.
WEIGHT | 135 lbs
EYES | varying shades of blue depending on her emotions
HAIR | long, blonde, and naturally wavy

DETAILS | Despite her Mother's protest, Lexi leaves something to be desired in her appearance. Rather than dressing the role of eligble bachelorette ... or in Lexi's words, desperate, Lexi wears what she wants and only what she wants to. She's probably worn a skirt twice and hasn't even looked in the direction of a dress since she was sixteen. She's come to love a good pair of jeans and has gone even so far as to purchase several leather jacket. She takes great enjoyment in wearing them to her Mother's when she's forced to visit, which is usually major holidays and deaths in the family.

She isn't the same girl she was when she was younger. Her skirt used to be a moderate length, her hair was perfectly done, her make up highlighted her features. Now, however, is an entirely different matter. Having your little Brother killed by a Vampire, while under your watch, tends to do that to a person. With her attention focused solely on hunting, she's come to adopt a much more comfortable style. She can often be found in a pair of boots or trainers, jeans, a printed t-shirt, and her leather jacket. When her naturally wavy hair isn't down in its usual long strands are tied back into a ponytail. She used to spend thirty minutes a day straightening her hair, but she can't be arsed anymore. As for the make-up, she barely touches it. She's fond of eyeliner (particularly with the way it highlights her bright blue eyes) and a little bit of mascara from time to time but the rest was tossed a long, long time ago.

Standing at only 5 feet 6 1/2 inches tall, Lexi's height is rarely mentioned out loud. She quite clearly looks the sort to have an attitude and that isn't far from the truth at all. In fact, it's spot on. Her attitude has gotten her into problems along the way, but it's also prevented certain ones from happening.

Finally there are two more features of her appearance that she added herself. Both of her ears are pierced. On the left side there are two studs and on the right there are three. She rarely every wears hoops as it's easy for them to get caught on things. She really doesn't want to face having one of them ripped out. In total Lexi has four tattoos. The first is located on her foot and depicts three simple stars, one for each of the three Montgomery children. The second is on her hip and is simply her brothers birthday. The third is script that wraps around her left ankle that reads "Love Thyself, Know Thyself, Be Thyself". The fourth tattoo is the largest and is located in between her shoulder blades. The tattoo depicts a pair of wings and a Latin phrase that says "Alis Volat Propiis" or translated means, "She Flies With Her Own Wings."

As the city crumbles I see that there's nothing left behind
As we lay here together I feel your heart beat with mine

STRENGTHS | leadership, fierce determination, loyalty to her own kind, extremely protective of those she cares about, problem solver, not afraid to get her hands dirty
WEAKNESSES | doesn't like being corrected, has quite the temper when provoked, can be blinded by her dislike for werewolves, her determination can sometimes hinder her when she's attempting to achieve something that is simply not in her power to achieve, is often more concerned with the safety of other hunters than her own.
DETAILED PERSONALITY | Lexi has always had a very strong will. Even prior to her rebelling, it was very difficult to talk her out of anything once she'd set her mind on it. Since rebelling, however, she's hell bent on escaping upper class society and all the expectations that go along with it. Her biggest strength, outside of her will, is her determination. It's why she's so good at overcoming challenges. She doesn't stop until she gets what she's after, which makes her a fantastic Hunter. Patience is never an issue (at least when it comes to her work) and that is what makes her successful.

Along side her determination, lies Lexi's inability to give up. For the most part, Lexi works until she deems the job completed. However, some times what she wants just isn't plausible with the situation. Her weakness is an inability to admit to her own limitations. She's convinced that she has none and it sometimes gets in the way of success. She doesn't choose her battles, but takes them all head on.

It may not seem like it, but underneath her rough exterior Lexi is a very complicated person. There are many aspects to her personality that she doesn't allow anyone to see, instead preferring to build up that wall around her and let people think she's only a bitch with an attitude. That Bitch persona is definitely the largest and most developed of her personality. If she had to pinpoint a single moment in time when this persona started to take hold, it would have been when her brother was killed. She'd felt so much rage and hurt that it had been her choice of an outlet. It became her way to shut out the world and take her pain out on anyone who dared come too close.

It's the emotions beneath this that Lexi doesn't allow out in public. She adores children and misses her brother terribly. If she's honest, she still wants a herd of children, even having known what it felt like to loose someone close to her so young. If given the opportunity, she'd trade everything to just escape into that sort of life. She's certain, however, it's not going to happen. She's grown so used to pushing people away that she can't seem to stop doing it. Besides, she can't live happily ever after while werewolves and the like are out hurting people.

The final corner of her personality is her growing desire to get even. Lately it's been completely clouding her mind. She wants the vampire who killed her brother to be brought down. She doesn't particularly care who does it so long as she can have proof that they're dead. She believes that perhaps she'll be able to let go some of this anger if the creature gets what it deserves, but often there's a small piece of her that wonders if she's going to be permanently damaged because she's held onto it so tightly for such a long time.

With time standing still, here is where we've always been
Well there goes the world and we're right in the middle again

Lexi's childhood contains memories that are both treasured and haunting. Growing up the heir to a fortune 500 company based out of Denvor, Colorado had been full of a variety of different experiences. For her Father, there was always business first and then family whenever he could make it home. Growing up with that, it quickly became something she was used to. For as often as her Father wasn't there, her Mother was. For the first few years of their lives, they were hardly separated and when they were, Lexi was always one to kick up a fuss. She didn't like not knowing where her Mother was. As time passed, however, Lexi found herself introduced further into her Mother's world of dresses and socials, when all she really wanted to do was find her way into her Father's world. She wanted to be like him. She wanted the meetings and business deals. Like most children, Lexi thought her Dad was the most important person in the world. He could do anything and she looked up to him like no one else.

When she was thirteen, it was announced that her Mother would be having a second child. Approaching her forties, there was some concern for her safety, but in the end the family welcome Benjamin Ryan Montgomery into the world. Lexi loved being an older sister. From the time he could walk on his, the two of them were rarely seen without each other. With Lexi's natural ability to sense his emotions, it was easy for the two of them to bond. With their childhood innocence blinding them, neither one was aware of the growing problem outside the walls of their home. Neither one of them was prepared to say good-bye.

It was the summer of 2006, Lexi and her boyfriend at the time, took seven year old Ben on a camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park (about 100 miles North West of Denver). It was a just a weekend trip. With both Lexi and Lucas (her boyfriend) going, their parents were sure everything would be alright. And for the first two days it was. It wasn't until the third night that misfortune fell upon them. Having already heard how grown up Ben was for the millionth time, Lexi allowed him to go just out of sight to relieve himself without the company of Lucas. After an abrupt flare of fear shot through her, the emotion coming from her brother, Lexi panicked. Her and Lucas looked for hours, combing through the surrounding area. It was several hours later that she stumbled across Ben's small, cold, and lifeless body. He'd been carelessly dumped into a shallow ditch, completely drained of blood.

It was bad enough to have been responsible for his Death, but having to return home with her brother's body and tell her parents it had been her fault broke her. Whether or not it was true, she couldn't get it out of her head that her parents blamed her for Ben's death. Hell, she blamed herself. It didn't take long before her once loved home started to feel like a prison, the walls closing in on her and the portraits glaring accusingly at her. Unable to stay there, she left. Before leaving, she had requested half of her inheritance, but being the only child left, she still received the family business when her Father passed on. Cashing out early wasn't an option. Instead, her Father merely deposits $25 000 dollars into her account every six months. She lives off family money and isn't at all bothered by it. Not having to find a mundane job works well for her. It has given her much more free time to train and hunt.

It was only a year after arriving in Amethyst City that she joined the ranks of the Hunters stationed there. It was difficult at first, earning her place as many looked at her with disdain for her small size. It didn't take long, however, to prove them wrong. Her desire to get even and her drive to accomplish what she set out to do made her an excellent hunter. She even used her empathy to help her work her way up the totem pole. She's only held the second in command position for a year, but it`s taken her almost five years to get there. She's definitely earned her stay.

[profile] aurorlexi

FULL NAME | Alexandra Annamarie Montgomery
CURRENT AGE | 26 Years Old
DATE OF BIRTH | 23 February 1986
PLACE OF BIRTH | Denvor, Colorado

SEXUALITY | Hetersosexual
OCCUPATION | Hunter - Second in Command

LIKES | Being active, tracking, her job, a good joke, organization
DISLIKES | Werewolves, ignorance, nervous people, those who are cocky but have no reason to be, being afraid, being lied to

POWERS | Empathy - Makes her particularly useful in sensing out those who are lying, hiding something, fearful, or nervous. She has difficulty, however, with individuals who jump quickly between emotions.


NAME: dani
AIM: foreverspock
EMAIL: d.alkenbrack@gmail.com
PB: katie cassidy
AVAILABILITY: most every day


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