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you'll find it in the silence between your heart beats

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack”
- Rudyard Kipling

I hear they're getting closer, their howls are
sending chills down my spine

HEIGHT | 6 feet 3 inches.
WEIGHT | 230 lbs
EYES | deep blue
HAIR | short, golden blond

DETAILS | A lot has changed since he fully connected with his heritage and that can be seen in Adrian's personality. During his early teen years, he was vain. He knew he looked good and he often used that to his advantage, jokingly calling it his "animal magnetism". His hair was always perfect and he hated anyone touching it. His clothing style had been neat and fashionable. Since he really embraced his wolf side, followed thereafter by his role as Alpha, his prerogatives have changed drastically. Spending a lot of his time pushing his physical boundaries in the forest, and taking care of his responsibilities as the Alpha there really isn't any point in pressed trousers and hair products. These days Adrian's appearance very much depends on how many hours he's spent out in the wilderness.

His clothing has changed from the fashionable to the comfortable and the colours have steered toward dark colours: black, green, ect. Normally, he can be found in well fitted clothes that are easy to move in. While he used to be very good at remaining clean shaven, Adrian has lost most of his need to shave on a regular basis. He's not looking to impress anyone anymore and a need to be presentable has been decreased quite a bit. This is not to say, however, that he never shaves. He usually only let's it get a little scruffy before he shaves it off. It just isn't an every day occurrence anymore. He looks very much like the outdoorsy sort of guy.

We pretend to see truth in all these lies
I close my eyes to hide their faces haunt me

STRENGTHS | Adrian has always loved to test his boundaries and locate his strengths and weaknesses. It's part of the reason he's as physically fit as he is. Since he came to understand his heritage, he's been intrigued with seeing how strong he can get or fast he can move. Unlike those who are bitten or scratched, Adrian was born into this and he accepts it completely. His senses are stronger than the average human, particularly the precognition he inherited from his Mother, but they are nothing in comparison to the increase they get when he's in his wolf form.
WEAKNESSES | While he inherited a certain sense of precognition from his Mother, it is extremely limited. He often can see what a person is about to do a moment before they do it, but he can't look any further than that. It comes in particularly useful when fighting, as he knows how his opponent is going to move the moment they decide to. Like any other werewolf, he's just as susceptible to silver and wolfsbane as any other member of their species.

DETAILED PERSONALITY | Adrian has several parts of his personality that he tries to mesh together. From time to time he can be very self-centered and growly, but he can also be very pack oriented. Even when he gets into his rare moods, he will ultimately choose the good of the pack over himself.

To describe Adrian's personality in a single word ... alpha. He's very much top dog. While he's more interested in keeping the pack together and protected, he isn't opposed to fighting. If someone challenges him, he's more than willing to put them in their place. Some might thing that his ability to see his opponents next move is a form of cheating, he likes to think of it as survival of the fittest. If it can be used to defeat one opponent, why couldn't it be used to defeat an enemy of the pack.

To help things along, Adrian has the typical high metabolism of most werewolves. He absolutely hates to be idle and is almost always in motion. His body burns off calories at a ridiculously high rate, which means he's quite fond of food. Cheeseburgers, particularly. It isn't just running or working out that he looks to. Any form of spending off some energy will do. Being the Alpha it's difficult to get things done if he's restless. Working off excess energy is a must, whether that be through working out, running, or a particularly fun partner or two. Whatever works.

Outside of alpha, Adrian is an alright bloke. Like any one, he can be just as grouchy as the next person, particularly around the full moon. He does, however, look out for his own. Those outside of that group, well, they're on their own. If they can't fight their own battles, that's tough luck, cause he's not going to do it for them.

You feed on their bones live on through their names
And pray for their souls that god can't save

The world of the supernatural was one he was born into. With his Father a prominent werewolf in Knoxville area and his mother, a gifted human with strong precognitive abilities, Adrian was no stranger to the supernatural. For his early years, Adrian was raised by his Mother. His Father had deemed them unnecessary and had returned to lead his pack, choosing to ignore the woman he'd impregnated and their growing child. For all the pain it put his Mother through, she never once spoke ill of Adrian's father, which only furthered Adrian's dislike for the man. Surely, with the sort of heart his Mother had, he could have tried harder not to break it.

It was obvious early on that Adrian would lean more toward his werewolf heritage rather than his Mother's precognitive gifts. It didn't take him long at all to master his ability to shift into wolf form, much to his Mother's frustrations. She was sure he had spent more of his childhood as a wolf than he had a human, which was particularly difficult as they lived in the heart of Knoxville. It was difficult to blend in, particularly for Adrian who wanted to embrace who he was. By the time his precognitive abilities started to develop in his teen years, he was already well aware of the prejudice humans had toward the supernatural.

High school was a difficult period for him. He was active, attractive, and confident. It should have been a smooth ride, but he hadn't exactly kept his werewolf heritage a secret and he dealt with his own share of snide comments and prejudice. By the time he graduated, he'd been suspended several times and his Mother wasn't at all surprised when she received word that Adrian had gotten himself into another fight. His temperament was hard to manage, particularly with the wolf instincts pushing it forward. It was clear that he needed to learn how to control it. Unfortunately, his Mother couldn't help him. She didn't have the answers he needed.

Taking what little information he had about his Father, Adrian went in search of him. It took him several weeks but he did manage to track down his Father's pack. If he'd been expecting a warm welcome, he was sorely disappointed. As far as his Father saw, Adrian was a threat to his role as Alpha. Being pushed back, was not something that sat well with Adrian, particularly since all he had wanted was guidance on how to control his wolf instincts. There was little he could do, however, as he was in no shape or form to challenge him. To Adrian's surprise, however, one of his Father's pack stepped forward to help him. Gabriel's actions were not looked kindly upon by Adrian's father, resulting in him being pushed out of the pack.

For the next couple years, Gabrielle taught Adrian how to embrace his werewolf nature. He trained himself physically and embraced everything that came with being a werewolf. His temper and restlessness was a continued problem for him and it was those characteristics that were the hardest to get under control. It took a long time, but when he was finally ready, he returned to face his Father. When he'd made the decision to face his Father it was about getting even and not about taking over the pack. When he defeated his Father, he was suddenly forced to consider it. Whether had meant it or not, killing the alpha meant that he was now leader of the pack. With Gabriel's guidance, he managed the small group. Unlike his Father, he wasn't interested in increasing the number of the pack. So long as they were all taken care of and content, that was all that mattered.

Prejudice, however, continued to follow them. When word of Amythest City reached them, the pack as a whole decided to make the move and check out the atmosphere. When they first arrived, Adrian's group remained separate of the larger pack already there. He didn't trust unknown wolves and he wasn't going to trust such a large number of them.

The city itself was everything they'd heard it was. The prejudice levels were much lower than back in Tennessee and they could would have an opportunity to live almost normal lives. The problem? The current pack leader. Selfish, arrogant, and more interested in fighting that preserving the pack. There was no way Adrian was going to step down for him. His choices were to keep his pack seperate and face the negative attention from the larger pack, or fight. In the end, he did what was best for the group. They couldn't live peacefully if they were always looking over their shoulders for the larger group.

The challenged was issues and the fighting was intense. The current Alpha was much older and much larger than Adrian, but his precognitive abilities gave him a much needed edge. Where his opponent had power, Adrian had speed and a clear sense of what was coming next. This didn't mean the fight was an easy one. With the exception of his Father, Adrian hadn't had to deal with defending his role as Alpha. Now that he was waist deep in a challenge, he wished he had. The fight, itself, lasted well over an hour. Tired and bleeding in more than one spot, Adrian finally managed to use the Alpha's strength against him. Dodging an attack, Adrian's powerful jaw latched onto the back of the Alpha's neck. Using what limited strength he had left, Adrian severed his spinal cord, effectively dropping the larger wolf and ending an exhausting fight.

He'd managed to claim the Alpha spot, but he'd had to earn it every step of the way. He hasn't been Alpha for very long, just short of two years, but the changes have been noticeable. There's been less fighting and much more productivity among the ranks. Adrian, himself, has purchased an old Tavern on the east end of the city called, The Wolf's Den. The majority of those who frequent it are members of his pack, but he doesn't mind the other fractions of the supernatural society so long as they don't start trouble for him.

Along the way, he's had to defend his position as Alpha once or twice, but he's managed to remain in control.

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FULL NAME | adrian geoffrey xavier pucey
DATE OF BIRTH | 30 May 1977
PLACE OF BIRTH | Knoxville, Tennessee
SPECIES | Werewolf [Alpha]
WOLF FORM | Grey Wolf, light colouring

POWER | Precognition. [very limited][see strengths and weaknesses]

SEXUALITY | hetersosexual
CURRENT OCCUPATION | Owner of The Wolf's Den

LIKES | the forest, good whiskey, running, being outside, intelligence, independence
DISLIKES | indecisiveness, not embracing who you are, meek woman, beind disobeyed, Dealing with challenges for the alpha spot.


NAME: dani
AIM: foreverspock
EMAIL: d.alkenbrack@gmail.com
PB: justin hartley
AVAILABILITY: most every day

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