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fluid as the river

All rivers, even the most dazzling, those that catch the sun in their course, all rivers go down to the ocean and drown. And life awaits man as the sea awaits the river - Simone Schwarz-Bart

The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare to let go.

HEIGHT | 5 feet 4 inches.
WEIGHT | 120 lbs
EYES | bright blue
HAIR | long, black with a blue tint, with a light curl

DETAILS | Her physical appearance is very much connected to her river. With her long dark hair and pale skin, her bright blue eyes stand out quite effectively. On stormy days, when the water's rough and the river bed is disturbed, her eyes will change. The blue dulls and grey will seep through, flecking it's colour over the iris. It's a lovely thing to watch, though not many people have had the opportunity. When the river is disturbed, by weather or man, she's usually connected with the water and not out in the city.

When she does venture down into Amethyst, she's quite easy to spot. Not feeling the cold as others would, she never has a jacket over her shoulders and her clothing always seems to have a balance between articles that fit her well and move with her, and articles that seemed to flow around her. For instance, her shirt might form to her arms, but her skirt will flow around her legs.

Classic literature is abound with tales of Naiads such as Neaera, painting pictures of them as both the seduced and the seducer, particularly when it comes to Zeus, himself. The tales are not hard to believe given her outward appearance. The combination of her small frame, dark hair, pale skin, and bright eyes is quite striking.

You've been walking in circles, searching.
Don't drink by the water's edge. Throw yourself in.
Become the water. Only then will your thirst end.

STRENGTHS | graceful, fluid, passionate, loyal, caring, her sense of responsibility concerning the river, her ability to control the water of her river
WEAKNESSES | sometimes blinded by her duties, can only spend a limited amount of time away from the water, can only control the water running through her own river, must be in contact with the water to manipulate it, her life being connected to the life span of the river.

DETAILED PERSONALITY | Much like her appearance, her personality follows the ebb and flow of the river. While she is often fluid and gentle, she can be as harsh and unyielding as the most powerful of rapids. She has, on occasion, turned the water against those who have no respect for the life of the river. Those who threaten the health of the river and yet dare to cross it often find themselves pulled under, the current holding them strong and washing away what remains of them.

Despite her fierce protectiveness toward the river, Neaera is a very loving person. She enjoys getting out of the forest and into the city. Each time she goes, she's amazed by the size, the noise, and the people she meets. Often times she can seem naive and innocent, even if that is far from the truth. Her personality and bubbly nature is very hard to resist and you will often find infectious.

Despite enjoying her time in the city, she rarely allows any of her new found friends to return with her to her home. The river, she deems, is threatened enough without her bringing more people into it. Those who have been there, have earned her trust completely, which is not such an easy thing to accomplish. There has only been two in the past, who have seen her home in the mountains, neither of which are alive today.

You can outdistance that which is running after you,
but not what is running inside you.

How did she come to be? Well, how is any river formed? Every river in this universe has a point of origin and the gravity plays a significant role in the direction of the flow of a river. Her source stems from high in the mountains north of Amethyst city. Fed by heavy rain and melting snow, the lake that now feeds Neaera's river pushed outward, it's water forcing it's way outward ultimate carving it's own path through the trees. Water, above all else, makes it's own path. Over the years, continuously fed by the lake in the mountains, rainwater, and melt off the river stabilized and was maintained.

Whether it was God or Mother Nature or some other being you believe in, Neaera awoke in the river, it's guardian. Her life connected to its. She ages with the river, her physical appearance changing only a fraction every few years. If she had a childhood, prior to waking in the river, she can't remember it. All of her memories are tied to her time as guardian.

Having been created long before the city of Amethyst rose from the ground, she's had the pleasure of watching it and it's people grow and develop: a fascinating thing for one who changes slowly. She's seen people come and go, she's seen them fight, she's even had to force a few lives short, but most importantly, she's seen the atmosphere bounce between peace and tension. For as much as the city boasts safety and equality, there is the underlying tension of distrust and hate.

As more and more of the supernatural arrive in Amethyst and the influence of each group shifts, like cattails in the wind, she wonders what when it will reach the point where it cannot be handled any longer. Her loyalty is to her home, but she does not remain untouched by the tension within the city. She does not believe it bodes well for the city to have one and only one group at the top of the power struggle.

Despite what she sees, however, Neaera will often make the trip down into the city, though she can never stay very long. She loves her river and must protect it's health, but she finds a certain attraction to the hustle and bustle of city life. Perhaps, if given the opportunity to remain longer than a few days she might grow tired of the noise, but for the moment she finds it a fascinating contrast of noise and colour to the blue and green of her river home.

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FULL NAME | Neaera
CURRENT AGE | circa 700
DATE OF BIRTH | unknown
PLACE OF BIRTH | Her river

SEXUALITY | bisexual
OCCUPATION | river guardian

LIKES | water, sunlight, the rain, the mountains, being able to visit the city
DISLIKES | pollution, garbage, arrogant people, litter bugs

POWERS | Neaera's abilities center around her river. If the river dries up, her presence on earth is exhausted. She is very intimately connected with it's waters and can control it's ebb and flow. The water runs based on her mood and the current runs on her command. It is said that the water of her river has medicinal uses, but only for the minor injuries and illness.


NAME: dani
AIM: foreverspock
EMAIL: d.alkenbrack@gmail.com
PB: zooey deschanel
AVAILABILITY: most every day


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