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Full Name: Astoria Annalise Greengrass
Nicknames: Tori
Age: 24 Years Old
DoB: January 20th, 1982
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: British
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupation: Investigative Reporter
Current Residence: Basement apartment in Chelsea, London, England
Wand: Apple, 9 inches, Doxy teeth
Alumni Of: Slytherin [1993-2000]
Special Abilities: Astoria is really good at finding out information people don't want her to know, using both magic and muggle means. She's extremely determined and has perfected the skill of using anything and everything she has to get what she wants, her looks included. Above all else, Astoria is a writer and she's believes nothing is more important than getting the story.


Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Played By: Katie Cassidy

Defining Traits: Astoria's main defining trait would be her eyes. She has a high opinion of her own body, but she's a particular fan of her eyes. They have come in handy several times when trying to crack a story wide open. Of course, her eyes are not the only distingusihing mark on her body. While in Paris, Astoria had a tatoo inked to the spot directly between her shoulder blade. The tattoo is an image if wings, with the words " Alis Volat Propiis" ... she flies with her own wings. The tattoo symbolizes her new found freedom and independance.

Clothing Styles/Colors: When Astoria left for Paris, she left the majority of her clothes and belongings with her family. After every thing that had happened she had not wanted to be that girl anymore. She didn't want to be the daughter who did what she was told and acted as she was suppose to. Being a writer, Astoria doesn't make an exceptionally lot of money. Her new clothing is completely different from the proper skirts and cardigans of her youth. She likes wearing ripped jeans, short skirts, heels, and other muggle fashions. She wears what's comfortable or, when the ocassion calls for it, what shows off her assets.


General Likes: writing, being in the loop, attention, coffee, cleanliness, hot water
General Dislikes: dirt, cold water, being cold in general, anyone doubting her abilities, people correcting her writing.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Boggart: Her Father - not because she's afraid of him, but because she's afraid of returning to what she was.
Patronus: Egyptian Asp

Magical Strengths: Astoria was a good student, but she wasn't as interested in the subjects taught at Hogwarts as she probably should have been. Of everything, she liked Potions more than anything. She loved putting something together piece by piece and only getting the full results once it was complete. She did, however, appreciate Snape's teachings over Slughorn. The man was brilliant. Unfortunately, he left her more advance learning to Slughorn. Competent, but not Snape.

Personality: Astoria isn't really that hard of a person to understand. Like and tolertate, sure, that's a little harder. Since freeing herself from family obligations and relocating to Paris, Astoria has let her personality out. With no rules and expectations hanging over her, she's learned to do things her way. She's cocky, determined, and ruthless when she wants to be. She's also, however, fun to be around. She likes to have a good time and is more than pleased to find someone who wants to do that with her. Astoria's biggest flaw, however, isn't her arrogance or her "I don't give a shit what you think," attitude. It's her temper. She tries to maintain it, but when pushed the wrong way she can and probably will fly off the handle.

Astrological Sign: Acquarius - Slytherin Aquarians are lucky. They have inner drive, determination, and great ambition; they also have brilliance, cleverness, and an almost total disregard for "what everybody thinks," which means they can go for their dreams without caring if other people mock them or consider them strange. More introverted and full of social conscience than the average Slytherin, these wizards are easily overlooked socially (by fools), although they excel in the classroom and eventually become great wizards indeed. They are stubborn and will not back down without a fight if challenged.


Astoria doesn't particularly like to think about her early childhood. It's not that it was bad, it's just a part of her past. A part of who she isn't anymore. She grew up the second child in a Pureblood household, it wasn't all that exciting. She had the same expectation as every other Pureblood girl, continue the pureblood line and not make a fool of your family. When the war came about, she was still too young to be overly involved. She wasn't stupid, she knew the repercussion of what was happening. When her Father went incarcerated for war crimes, she had mixed feelings. Yes, he was her Father, but it opened up the door she needed to get out. As for her Mother, well, she doubted Creus even noticed she was gone for the first two years.

Astoria had enjoyed her time at Hogwarts, but she absolutely loved her time in France. It was so different from London that she never really wanted to return and it wasn't until recently that she actually did. She probably would have stayed where she was had it not been for the situation between her and Sebastian. Sebastion had been a surprise. She hadn't been looking for a relationship, hell, at the time she hadn't even been looking for sex. She'd been looking for a new apartment. She'd been in Paris a year and a half and was finally stable enough to get an apartment that was bigger than the bloody closet she had. She'd gone to see an apartment on the east side of Paris and there he'd been, leaning against the front desk. His business partner (Jean) was dealing in real-estate. It'd felt like a whirlwind in the beginning. She wasn't used to be spoiled like that. She liked the gifts and she definitely wasn't complaining about the sex.

The downfall of their relationship was his encouragement of her career. He liked her determination to get what she wanted, even if it meant stepping on people to do it. It was a business quality that seemed to draw him in and she used it to her advantage. Like most people, he had his secrets, and Astoria was much too good at her job to keep herself from prying. She honestly hadn't expected to find a giant illegal gambling ring, however. She'd been stunned for days afterward and she'd had to take the time to consider what she was going to do.

Despite the attention he showed her, she was getting bored of the same things. It was then that her Slytherin nature kicked back in. If she wasn't going to stay with him, she needed to find a way to keep what she had. It took her a few weeks to consider all her options and set things up so it couldn't fall back on her, months of watching Sebastian work helping in her choices. Although the money is a definite plus, she had to admit the look on his face (a mixture of frustration and awe) was well worth everything. It was like proving herself as capable. Blackmail hadn't been her original plans when she'd gone to Paris, but it was working out well for her when she'd returned to London. She had copies of names (including public figures), lists of best, and even financing information in several safety deposit boxes throughout the British Isles. As long as Sebastian wishes to stay out of prison he'll continue to deposit fifteen percent of his earnings into an anonyous bank account for her access. As far as she's concerned, it's going to help out both her and her sister and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Thanatos Greengrass - [Father] - Pureblood; Slytherin alum; Currently in Azkaban - Thanatos, prior to his incarceration, worked for the Department of Mysteries. Which wasn't at all surprising when one considered his actions at home. He was ever the absent Father, popping in only to eat dinner or to lecture them on their responsibility as pureblood girls to carry on the blood purity. Astoria couldn't remember a time when he'd ever hurt her or Daphne, physically, but that didn't mean she had any love for the man. She hated having everything planned out for her and she hated that she couldn't break from that path. Unlike her sister, Astoria didn't hold a high opinion of him and when he was incarcerated for war crimes, Astoria saw it as a chance to escape from under his expectations.

Creus Greengrass - [Mother] - Pureblood; Slytherin alum; Stay at home wife for the majority of her life - Creus wasn't exactly what one would call an exceptionally good Mother figure. It wasn't long after Daphne's birth before a nanny was hired to take care of and raise Daphne and Astoria while she spent her time shopping and having tea with friends. She was ever the social butterfly. Since her husband's incarceration, has done nothing but mope around their home drunk while living off of what money the two of them still had. Astoria has no pity for her, particularly since she's never actually done anything for anyone else other than herself and when all the money finally dwindles to nothing, Astoria plans to return the favor.

Daphne Greengrass - [Sister] - Pureblood; Slytherin alum; Personal assistant to Darius Montague - Falmouth Falcons - Astoria, in her own way, looks up to Daphne. Sure, there are certain things about her sister that absolutely drive her insane ... like the way she regards their father or her need to organize everything, but all siblings have those sort of things between them. It's been a long time since Astoria left London and she hasn't gone back. She's missed Daphne.

Sebastian Dubois - Ex-Lover] - Pureblood; Durmstrang Graduate; Recent Co-Owner and CEO of Herm├Ęs - This little match is just a prime example of her ambition. Sebastian, while being ridiculous attractive and good at what he did, was the one story she hasn't let loose. Then again, when your Father get's locked up and you loose the comfort of your family fortune, there's certain things your willing to do to get back on your feet. At first, it was about sex. He showered her with attention, which she loved. Later it became about social presence and money, particularly where her career had come in. It was a surprise, however, when she stumbled along one of the larger illegal gambling rings in Paris all run by Sebastian himself. Needless to say, she used some of that Slytherin ambition and cunning to turn the situation profitable. While she's no longer in Paris or warming his bed, she's made sure Sebastian hasn't forgotten her ... not with her claiming 15% of his earnings, anyway.

Marcus Flint & Darius Montague - There isn't anything going on between Astoria or either one of the boys, other than the fact that she has a massive obsession with older guys and thinks their quite yummy.

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Name: Danielle
Age: 22 Years Old
E-mail: jaspersparkles@gmail.com
AIM: pstheshoefits
Timezone: Eastern Standard
Credit: Harry Potter Astrology

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