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The Little Beauty

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Name | Dani
Age | 25 Years
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Availability / RP Style | Mornings and early afternoons are solidly booked up from Monday to Friday. The evenings and weekends, however, often result in my continued presence online. The best means of contact during the day would be through email as I always have my phone on me. After dinner, however, it's probably easier to find me on AIM, though I do check my emails frequently as well. When it comes to RP style, I've been doing this for long enough that I am comfortable with pretty much everything save IM logs. For whatever reason, I can't seem to get into role playing through an instant messenger. Threading, gdocs, or email, however is perfectly fine.

Tale | Beauty and the Beast the abridged version written by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont
Character | Beauty
Country of Origin | France
Link to Story | Beauty and the Beast

Alias | Isabelle Marchand
Played By | Katie Cassidy [1] [2]

First Impression | Isabelle has always been the quiet sort of beauty. Others have regarded her appearance with high regard, but she, herself, has never promoted such an opinion. Her appearance has always been more natural than a lot of others around her. Her long, dark hair falls in natural waves around her face, unless casually tied back, and her clothing options are never extravagant. More often than not, Belle can be found in nothing more complicated than a simple skirt, a comfy cardigan, and a book in her hand. While she's much more comfortable in skirts and dresses, she has (with a lot of time) come to appreciate the mobility and additional warmth of a comfortable pair of jeans.

If you do find her wearing an article that speaks of a more expensive taste, it's merely because said article was a gift. Wearing it pleases and compliments the taste of the one who gave it to her ... even if it doesn't quite reflect her own personal tastes. This, of course, is to show them that she appreciates the thought behind the gift. However, the gifts given to her by the Beast so long ago remain packed away within the chest at the end of her bed. With no place to wear the fine dresses and no one to wear them for, she leaves them packed away, lest her heart begins to ache once again.

Outside of her appearance, you'll find Belle to appear at ease in most environments. Whether it was within town or in the country, Belle was happy to continue along. Her ability to see the silver lining in a situation has helped her handle hardships in her past; including the loss of fortune, separation from her family, and (more recently) being transported to an unfamiliar world. This coupled with a certain desire to make those she cares for happy, sets her apart not only within her family, but many individuals of the modern world in which she's come to find herself. Even when her sisters plotted her demise, she wished only the best for them. It is a quality that has become hard to find. Like chivalry, caring for the well-being of others threatens to disappear completely.

When did they cross over | As one of the original seven, Beauty was pulled from her tale and placed in New Orleans during the year of 1723.

Life in Exile | After decades of living in this new and "modern" world, Belle can't tell you how she got there or why she was pulled from her happy ending. It's a mystery whose answer continues to elude her, forever taunting her with her own ignorance. She had fallen asleep in the arms of her prince and she'd woken cold and lost, in a strange room and a strange place with nothing more than the trunk of dresses the Beast had gifted her with when she'd returned to care for her ailing Father. Inside the chest had rested the magical mirror he'd given her, but it remained silent, showing only her fear and heartbreak. The ring (her one chance back to her Prince) was gone, no where to be found.

In order to support herself, she sold a few of the fine dresses the beast had gifted her with, each sale a silent (but necessary) stab to the heart. She'd secretly hoped that, like before, the dresses would magically be returned to her chest but it was not so. Each item sold was lost to her, just as her home had been. Grasping for the Silver lining in the situation, she began to offer her cleaning services to the elderly woman who owned the small apartment Belle now found herself in. To ease her mind, Belle told herself that her presence there eased the stresses of the older woman and she should therefore be grateful she had the chance to help. It worked for a time, but as she grew closer to the older woman, the more the woman reminded her of her own aging Father. With her sisters standing as statues and her brother's finding their own families, who would be taking care of him now that she was gone?

A few weeks passed before Belle found a visitor waiting for her one afternoon as she returned from a trip to the market. She'd thought she was alone in this unknown world and here was this woman telling her she wasn't. Just like that, another silver lining appeared for her. Reaching out to the others like her, she gradually made headway in her new life. Her curiosity returned to her and her interest in books and reading aided her in obtaining a foothold in the world she was now living. Her interest guided her to the public library where she started out as a part-time librarian. It wasn't long, however, before she had learned the entire layout and catalog system and her status moved from part-time to permanent.

As quickly as the books moved into her hands, they were read and placed back in the correct order. Her curiosity about the world as a whole soared, but after a while, she found herself gravitating toward the languages. Armed originally with only French, she gradually moved her way through English and the Romance languages before her more recent dalliances in German and the Asiatic languages.

Armed with her growing knowledge of the languages, she turned to her connections among the other characters who had become her new family. Through them she was introduced to Sanctum Corporation. Given her skills, she easily found herself sinking into the role of translator for the company. She doesn't ask questions about what she's translating, she merely appreciates the ability to test her mind and expand her knowledge further. She continues to enjoy the excitement of bringing meaning to unknown script.

Of course, her devotion to her work has kept her mind from wandering too far outside the circle of business connections. Her heart still aches for the life she once had, which keeps her from dating or interacting too much with those who belong to this world. Instead, she prefers to stick to the small circle she's found who, like her, are foreign to this environment. She's not alone and for that she will remain content and will not allow her homesickness to become disruptive to those she's come to care about.

Occupation | Publishing: Translator

Home | Cozy apartment located on Pirates Alley within the French Quarter of New Orleans. The outside of the building is a delightfully sunny yellow and upon her balcony is a tiny little garden that she maintains. The skills she learned after her family lost it's fortune continue to run strongly within her. Due to the extended length of her life, she doesn't interact with her neighbors for fear of them raising questions she can not answer.

[Written in français méridional]
To stumble upon your own story is such an odd thing when your own hand has not written the words or the words did not fall from your own lips. La Belle et la Bête. Such an odd thing to find so many variations of. Only one rings true, the others are falsehoods I know not what to do with. As time moves on, only the adaptations remain on the minds of the people around me ... and no longer do any of them know the truth of my tale. Images of a golden dress and magical teapots reign at the front of their imaginations and there is nothing of jealous sisters, loving brothers, and a simple gift between father and daughter.

I think what offends me the most is the meaning of a rose. Silly, I suppose, to be offended over such a small thing. It was such a small thing; a simple gift requested to appease my jealous sisters and sooth their hatred for me. Yet, it created such a winding story around us all. It wasn't the symbol of the Beasts curse. It became a symbol of his salvation. Had my father not picked that simply flower from the garden of the Castle, our paths would not have crossed and still stuck beneath the curse he would be. A fate I would not wish on any living soul. Perhaps if the rose had remained unpicked from its branch, I would not then be here. Perhaps I would have remained at home. Perhaps.

I will not complain for the rose needed to be picked and my placement at the castle needed to take place. The Beast needed me there to lift his curse and to love him. That, alone, is worth the sacrifice. For a time, we both had that. It is a shame that such a thing is largely missed by this world. Perhaps, in time, the childish image they have created for us will fade and the truth with shine again


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