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Alexandra Elizabeth Montgomery
beneath soothing hands we heal

Height | 5 feet 5 inches
Weight | 130 lbs
Eyes | Green
Hair | Blonde, long and naturally wavy

When it comes to Lexi's appearance there are two things that she keeps in mind. Being in a professional career, it’s very important to her to look the part. She’s extremely devoted to the business casual look. While she loves to lounge about in loose t-shirts and yoga pants, she will absolutely not go into work looking like that. It doesn't matter whether she’s there to simply pick up a file she’d forgotten the night before or she’s been called in for an emergency. If there is an emergency at work, she’ll take the time to dress appropriately, knowing that there are other experienced medical staff available to hold down the fort until she gets there. To Lexi the tie between her appearance and her dedication to her work is particularly close. She firmly believes those who show up looking like they’d just rolled out of bed do not have the same sort of dedication and respect for their careers.

When it comes to choosing her clothing, Lexi is one of those people who absolutely hate to go shopping with. Alternatively, if you own a clothing store, she'll be one of the people you hope will stop in. Her biggest issue is the fit of her clothing. Let's face it. She moves around a good deal and while her clothing is expected to be professional in appearance, she also expects it to be able to move with her. The result of this is the simple fact that she is not concerned with how much an item costs (within reason, obviously. She's a Healer not a billionaire). If it fits her criteria (which is sometimes a difficult thing to do) she'll pay it. Overall, Lexi's work wardrobe contains a mixture of pencil skirts, blazers, blouses, dress pants, and - naturally - a few sets of scrubs. Her after work attire consists mainly of yoga pants, pajamas, and loose fitting t-shirts. Lexi rarely goes out at night, so there is little need for party/club attire. If she does go out for dinner, she’ll simply pull from her work clothes.

Her only only fixation when it comes to clothing would be her love of shoes. In this instance she is the stereotypical woman. She loves shoes. Absolutely loves them. Her collection contains high heels, heeled boots, trainers, and a few pairs of sandals. She really has no discrimination toward any sort of footwear and will not think twice about splurging in order to own a pair that catches her eyes.

The second aspect of her appearance that claims a lot of her income and her time is her hair. She loves her hair and assures herself that it is her best feature. The amount of hair products she has in her bathroom and the amount of money she spends on it's care borders on the obscene. In a sense, you can consider it her security blanket. As long as her hair is healthy she feels like she can do anything. When it comes time to trim her locks, Lexi is a nightmare. Thankfully, she's found a salon in London that is now quite used to her methods. A bad haircut is not an option and that’s clear from the moment she walks through the door.

Because of her obsessions, Lexi is often perceived as a snob. Her nitpicking and her unwillingness to look anything but presentable is a hard thing to look past when you first meet her. She's the sort who will walk on the other side of the road if she thinks the sidewalk is cleaner there. In actuality, her almost OCD attention to detail is simply a small part of her personality.

Finally, Lexi has a single distinguishing mark (outside of her clothing choices and hair) that speaks a lot about her. Sadly, it isn't something that many people get to see or ever become aware of. After she graduated from Hogwarts, Lexi made the decision to get a tattoo that would speak to her. Between her shoulder blade there is a set of wings with a small latin phrase inscribed beneath them. The phrase translates to "She flies with her own wings." The meaning behind this stems from Lexi's self awareness. Being a twin, it’s often difficult to come across as your own person, particularly as a teenager. The phrase is there to remind her that she is her own person and it’s her own decisions that will determine how her life unfolds.

PB: Katie Cassidy [1] [2]

All day, all night. I've been thinkin' why feelin' wrong feels so right
And I know, yeah I tried to turn myself around, but i know what I like.

Lexi can be a very difficult person to figure out as there are various degrees of her personality that often collide with each other. First off, Lexi hates the fact that she has an identical twin. The majority of this hatred stems from her younger years when their mother dressed them the same. Rather than being the two very different girls that they were, they grew up with the expectation of them being the same sort of people. This has left Lexi, in particular, with a continuous desire to prove that she is her own person. This is also the reason, Annalise has taken to colouring her hair dark, rather than the natural blonde that it is. It creates the desired outright difference between them that Lexi needs to be secure in her own identity. This is not to say that Lexi doesn't love her sister. There is no one (with maybe the exception of Clint) that she would do more for. If Annalise needed the clothes off her back, Lexi would strip in the middle of a crowded shopping mall if it helped.

Despite her intense devotion to those she holds particularly close to her heart, Lexi really isn't the sort of person who opens herself up to just anyone. In fact, in order to gain any sort of recognition from Lexi you must prove to her that you're worth her taking a chance on. The easiest way to do this? Make her smile. As focused as she's been on her career, she hasn't had a whole lot of time to simply smile and enjoy the moment. If you can get her to do that, she'll be one of the best friends you'll ever have. The other side of this, however, is that if you hurt her she'll do her very best to destroy you. She does not take kindly to those who mean her harm, physically or professionally. Her temper can, at times, be considered an entity all its own. With her career taking shape, she's learned to control the vast majority of her temper, which is a definite improvement from her youth.

Another key factor to Lexi's personality is her sheer determination. Once she sets her mind on something, come hell or high water, she isn't changing it. The problem with this, of course, is that sometimes she will focus so intently on something that she is blinded to details outside of what she's focusing on. For instance, when she was training to become a Healer, she'd often get so absorbed in her work that she would simply forget to eat. There have been times in her life where she's needed someone to actually make her realize that she was fixating on a single goal, which usually tended to be Annalise or Clint. She appreciates them all the more because of it.

Finally, if you couldn't guess, Lexi has a touch of OCD. Her biggest issue is her tendency to fixate on a single task. Outside of this, however, Lexi's OCD comes out in the extreme tidiness/organization of her flat. She likes things clean and organized. Like many with OCD, she has both good and bad days. On the bad days, her bookshelves usually end up rearranged by some obscure filing system. On the good days, you barely notice anything different about her.

Everyone wants to be like me. The villain is the one you came to see.
Sick of all the good guys savin' the day. 'Cause the villain always wins when the hero's away.


To say that Falmouth is a perfect fit for her is a bit of an understatement. It's almost scary how well it works for her. Like the team, Lexi's determination is one of the things she's known for. She'll never say she can't do something, she'll simply give you the amount of time she'll need to get it done. On top of that, Lexi isn't afraid of anything except thunderstorms and won't back down from a fight. She most certainly has a backbone and will use it in order to ensure her own success.


Lexi absolutely hates the media. She hates how nosy they are. She hates how what they hear is often taken out of context and spread through the masses like a sexually transmitted disease. She has never, nor will she ever, agree to make any sort of official comment to the media in regards to the state of a players health and/or injury. She considers this a breach of healer/patient confidentiality, let alone the fact that it isn't her business to disclose in the first place.


Lexi dislikes the fan base. Bunch of crazy lunatics, is what they are. She simply can't wrap her mind around how a lot of them just seem to lose their minds whenever they are in the company of a Quidditch player. All the do, after all, is toss around a ball or swing a bat. Thankfully, she does not find herself often in the position where she has to deal with the fans of the players. As far as she goes is the players themselves. She has absolutely no intention of ever getting to close to the fan circles.

I'll do everything it takes
to be the mistake you can't live without.


Following her sister into the world, a mere eleven minutes later, Lexi found herself the second half of a set of twins belonging to Alieta and Jonathan Montgomery. There would be no other siblings to follow, but neither of the girls ever felt the need for more. They had each other and it was clear from an early age that was all they needed. The times when they weren't together were few and far between, but while this might have strengthened the bond between Lexi and Anna, it also opened the door for a lot of Lexi's issues with her self-conscious.

Playing up the fact that she had a set of identical twin girls, Alieta took to dressing the two in the same clothing. Not only did this cause some confusion for those outside of the family, it wasn't something that fell to the wayside earlier on. It wasn't until they were at Hogwarts and away from Alieta's continued presence that they were able to develop into their own personalities. The weren't the same person. The only problem was that they had been introduced prior to Hogwarts had either given up trying to tell them apart or were now trying to piece together the sudden changes between them. For Lexi, being mistaken for Anna on a regular basis grew to be a damaging experience when it came to her self-awareness, which is something she's only recently started to move past.

Despite the issues with her Mother, a lot of her favourite memories stem from her childhood. Sure, there were things that bothered her during her later years, but she can't say that her childhood wasn't a happy one. She had a home, she had a family, and she was happy. There isn't much else a girl could want ... except perhaps to know why she only had one set of Grandparents while other children had two. As a younger child, Lexi and Anna had no contact with her Mother's family. There were no Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, or Grandparents. The two matured without the influence of a Pureblood household.


Hogwarts was something that Lexi fiercely looked forward to. For the entire year before she turned 11, she would cross off each day on the calendar as a sort of count down. Growing up in a magical family where both parents had attended the school, both Lexi and Anna were told a million stories (mostly by their Father) of all the various adventures that had been had within the walls of the castle. Having always been a rather curious child, Lexi was more than ready to trade in her boring childhood home for ghosts, moving staircases, and a forbidden forest.

When it finally came to the point where Lexi arrived at Hogwarts, she couldn't say she was disappointed. Sitting in those boats with the huge castle looming above you ... it did nothing to calm her continuously running imagination. So impatient she was to get to exploring the castle, she was almost disappointed to have to sit through the sorting ceremony. With her Mother being a Slytherin and her Father a Ravenclaw, both had their own hopes as to where their daughters would end up. Ravenclaw was no surprise to Lexi and she went to her new table with no complaint, her thoughts already returning to her plan of exploration and discovery.

Her arrival at Hogwarts would prove to not only provide her with the necessary tools to expand her knowledge, but it would also present her with the opportunity to interact with a small portion of her Mother's family. As her second year began, Lexi found herself introduced to one Clint Warrington, son of Lysandra Karytsis. Among the little she knew of her Mother's family, that name stuck out almost instantly. Karytsis was her Mother's maiden name and Lysandra Karytsis was her Mother's sister. Finally, she had met a member of the family that had always puzzled her. Her mother rarely talked about them and Lexi had always wondered why she'd never been able to meet them.

Family or not, it didn't take her long at all to claim Clint as one of her own. He amused her endlessly and, without really meaning to, she found herself growing attached. She didn't have any siblings outside of Anna, but Clint became as close to it as one could get. Not always did this relationship work out in their best interest, particularly as they got older and their personalities developed. Fiercely protective of those she loves, it was more than once that Lexi received detention for hexing one of Clint's girlfriends (or toys, as she liked to call them). It wasn't very long before she realized that attractiveness did not always go hand in hand with intelligence.

Unlike a lot of her classmates, when Graduation arrived, she knew exactly where she was going with her life. She'd taken an interest in healing during the later portion of her fifth year and had been working quite closely with both her Head of House and Madame Pomfrey to ensure that she had the necessary N.E.W.T's in order to pursue the career of her choice. It was a bother to leave Clint behind for a year, but the excitement of what lay ahead of her kept her from complaining about the lack of his regular presence in her life. Once she was excepted into the Healer's training program through St. Mungo's, it was difficult to focus on anything by achieving her goal.


Following the summer after her seventh year [1991], Lexi started her healer training. It was a big undertaking, but she enjoyed every moment of it. It was the sort of thing that had the ability to drive her and she accepted that with open arms. More importantly, it was the first time she had something to strive toward that her sister wasn't also striving toward. This was her chance to shine on her own and she didn't take that lightly. The problem with this, however, was that her OCD tended to manifest a lot more with her dedication. No matter how long she had spent working on an assignment, she would always be able to talk herself into working a bit longer no matter how ridiculous the reasoning was. It would be these points in her training where her connection to both Anna and Clint proved to be severely important. Knowing her as well as they did, they both helped to keep her from passing out from lack of food and sleep.

Needless to say, it was a long but rewarding four years. Graduating with excellent marks [not the highest, unfortunately] Lexi felt that for the first time she'd set herself apart from her sister. The satisfaction of accomplishing that is something she still can't quite describe, but would recommend to anyone looking to achieve the same thing. For the first year, Lexi worked solely for St. Mungo's. It was here that a new problem developed. She liked the healing aspect ... she simply hated the patients. She had absolutely no bedside manner and no patience for those you went over the top with their emotions. Sadly, she was informed that she could not stun every patient she had to work on. A sad announcement, indeed.

It took a year before Lexi came across the fact that several of the Quidditch teams for the British League were looking for a full-time healer. It wasn't something that she immediately jumped on as she wasn't and had never been all that interested in the sport. Finally coming to the conclusion that it had to beat healing the elderly, children, and the idiots who came in with something stuck up their nose, Lexi applied for the position of Healer with Falmouth, Appleby, and Wimbourne. At the time, she didn't really care which team responded to her. A job was a job, right? Falmouth was the last she had heard back from and yet, that's where she decided to go. Perhaps it was the clear desire to have a replacement for their previous healer or perhaps she was just losing her mind. Either way, with the start of the 1996 season Lexi was officially a member of the Falcon staff where she's remained for the past two years.


Lexi isn't one of those people who don't date because they either don't want to or can't get close to people. She's quite adept at it, in fact. The problem for Lexi is the simple fact that she focuses so much of her time on her career that she doesn't take to noticing when a head turns in her direction. She'd much rather be up to her elbows in blood than wearing a fancy dress and going out to dinner. This, as one can imagine, has put a bit of a damper on any sort of romantic life she might have had up until this point. Her last real relationship ended during her first year of Healer training, when she simply couldn't devote enough of her time to her relationship.

Since then, she has simply adapted to seeking out what she needs when she needs it and moving on afterwards. It isn't the most glamorous or fulfilling of lifestyles, but it works for her and that's all she needs right now. She certainly isn't looking for Mr. Right.


Alieta Montgomery | Mother | Lexi has a complicated relationship with her mother. She loves the woman, dearly, but there are certain aspects of the Pureblood persona that have stuck with Alieta throughout her expulsion that absolutely drive Lexi around the bend. As Lexi aged, the idea of marriage and finding a good match was the biggest grievance between them. Lexi was much more focused on her career and building her life as she saw fit, while her Mother was interested in teaching her the ways of the home in order to ensure that she would make an excellent wife when the time came. Unfortunately, she failed to take into consideration that Lexi simply doesn't have the sort of personality that would allow for her to fulfill the role her Mother has in mind. It has been a sore subject amongst the woman in her family for a long time now. Even to this day, Alieta still pressures her about marriage.

Jonathan Montgomery | Father | Lexi has always been and will always be a Daddy's Girl. As far back as she can remember, she'd always get super excited when she could get him all to herself. There are times when she doesn't even want to share their time with Anna. While her mother has always pressured her about playing the role of the typical Pureblood female (despite the fact that she's not), it's been her Father who has encourage her to follow the path she's chosen. There is very little she wouldn't do if her Father asked it of her. She wants very much to make him proud.

Annalise Montgomery | Twin Sister | Being her twin, it's particularly difficult to stay mad at Annalise. After all, when you're looking into your own face, you can't really hate it. With that being said, Lexi actually adores her sister. Sure, she hates the fact that from time to time, Anna will remind her that Lexi is the younger of the two by a whole eleven minutes. They have their days of bickering and sibling rivalry but for the most part, the two get along fairly well. Anna's dark hair colour was actually an agreement between the two of them to ease the issue Lexi has with being considered one and the same. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Clint Warrington | Cousin | Clint is Lexi's favourite person outside of her sister. Despite having to wait until Hogwarts to meet any of her cousins on her Mother's side, it didn't take Lexi very long to latch onto Clint. He can always be counted on to accomplish one of two things, make her laugh or severely tick her off. Thankfully, most of the time, it's the former. Having Clint so close not only in her personal life but now also in her professional life is a large plus. He's one of the few people who actually understand her. She's ridiculously glad that he's back from his time in Spain.

You left me here like a chalk outline
on the sidewalk waiting for the rain to wash away, wash away

There are days when I honestly wonder what I was thinking when I decided that working within the Quidditch circuit was a good idea ... of course, this thought is usually followed by "why the hell did I choose Falmouth?" A bunch of bloody oafs, with emphasis on the bloody. The problem? They take that stupid motto of theirs way too seriously. Oh, they broke a few heads. Too bad most of them were their own. It's bad enough to lose spectacularly, but at least if you're going to try to cause some damage make sure it's directed at the opposing team. You would not believe the mess they made of themselves. I had to set three bones, heal two gashes, and that doesn't include the two concussions I had to work on.

I suppose, if nothing else, I have a certain level of job security. The day the Falcons no longer require a full-time healer is the day hell freezes over.

No matter how much I try to understand the whole crazy Quidditch obsession, I just can't wrap my head around it. You fly around and toss some balls among each other and hope to outscore the other team. Not really that big of a deal. Then you lose a game and the fans get hysterical. I swear I saw two girls sobbing after the Falcon's lost. SOBBING! I kid you not. I felt like giving them a reason to cry. Don't cry over a lost match. What you should be crying about is the serious lack of intelligence that seems to be floating through the Quidditch league. Some days I don't think there's two brain cells to rub together among the lot of them.

Except maybe Clint ... on a good day .... when the wind blows in the right direction.

Would you like to be added to the QPQ blast chat?
| I have no idea what this even is ... so sure.

beneath soothing hands we heal

FULL NAME: Alexandra Elizabeth Montgomery
CURRENT AGE: 25 Years Old
DATE OF BIRTH: 23 February 1973

FINANCIAL STATUS: Upper Middle Class
CURRENT RESIDENCE: 2 Bedroom Flat, London
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BOGGART: Lightening

MOTHER: Aleita Michelle Montgomery
FATHER: Jonathan Daniel Montgomery
SISTER: Annalise Marie Montgomery (Twin)
COUSINS: Clint & Chester Warrington

CURRENT TEAM: Falmouth Falcons
START DATE: May 1996

TEAM AFFILIATION: Falmouth Falcons

SCHOOL: Hogwarts
SCHOOL YEARS: 1984 - 1991
HOUSE: Ravenclaw


• Has an identical twin sister with who Lexi believes looks nothing like her (despite the fact that she obviously does).

• Has a secret love for 80s hair bands.

• Has a long-haired Siamese cat named Ming who she spoils absolutely rotten.

• Absolutely hates the colour pink, but loves purple.

• Has absolutely no bedside manner, which is part of the reason she works within the Quidditch circles rather than simply with the St. Mungo's general patients.

• Has absolutely no patience for stupid people and will not hesitate to point out the flaws of others.

• Has always had a certain obsession with Chinese food. It's the one sort of food that she enjoys that doesn't involve a quick heating charm and carrying around with her as she's rushing.

• Has a hard time slowing down. She's so used to multitasking that she often forgets that there are times in the day when her brain doesn't have to be running a mile a minute. Because of this, Sleep sometimes is a bit of an issue for her.


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