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Charm will get you anything you want!

Adrian's style and appearance has not changed over the years so much as it has matured. Looking at pictures of him as a young boy, it's quite easy to see the man he's matured into. Like his Father, Adrian has always been tall. When most kids were having difficulty reaching the top shelf, Adrian had been doing so a good year before hand. For the most part, he was never bothered by the difference. He wanted to be bigger than the other boys. He wanted to be the one who stood out.This would be a pattern that only further developed as he aged.

Of course, it would also explain the sort of appearance that Adrian crafted for himself as he moved out from beneath the maternal fretting of Elizabeth Selwyn. Coming from a Pureblood family, his clothing had always had a sense of maturity to them, even in his early stages. The main difference, however, would continue to be the gradual increase of Muggle style clothing into his wardrobe. When Adrian started Hogwarts, his trunk was packed with all the fashionable muggle wear an eleven year old boy would need at school. When he left Hogwarts, seven years later, his trunk contained far more muggle pieces than his Father was pleased to see. Unwilling to purchase them for his son, Phillip was not prepared for the continued use of Adrian's spending money being used to aquiure them. At 18 years old, however, there was little to be done about it. It still remains a topic of discussion best avoided in the Selwyn household, among other things.

Adrian's appearance is very important to him. He fully believes that one's appearance strictly relates to the sort of man he is seen as. Therefore, if he appears less than perfect, he is, in fact, less than perfect. It's high standards to set for oneself, but it is what he lives by. You will never see him in a pair of ripped up jeans and a loose t-shirt. He'd rather die. This is not to say, however, that he doesn't own a pair of jeans. He does. In fact, he own several. They are not, however, ratty and ripped. Even better, they fit him properly and do not hang down past his hips to reveal an ungodly amount of his underwear as is the custom among the vast majority of the youth in London.

With Quidditch, something a little more sporty does get mixed into the entire image. His uniforms are always in top shape. Any rips, tears, and or stains are immediately repaired or the uniform is replaced entirely. Most players have two or three sets of their uniform. Adrian, however, has an entire row of them in his closet. Always prepared, this one is. Some might call it obsessive, but he likes to think of it as practical.

Finally, there's Adrian's hair. He has high standards for it's cut and style. It cannot be too short nor too long as both indicate a certain lack of responsibility ... at least in his opinion. Maintaining it at the perfect length, he does not allow anyone to touch it. For one, who the bloody hell goes around touching blokes hair? Not even his Mother touches it. There are certain "circumstances", however, where he will let you put your fingers in it. You just have to catch the right sort of attention. Any facial hair ... well, there really isn't much to talk about. It's usually removed prior to any substantial amount appearing.

PB: Justin Hartley [1] [2]
All we are is broken glass. Throw us to the floor, we were never meant to last
And all we are are empty shells. Try to pick us up and you're gonna cut yourself.

positives | There are several things regarding Adrian's personality that can be considered as positive. First off, he's incredibly loyal to his family and close friends. The most important thing in any mans life should be taking care of those closest to him and, in as many ways as he can, lives up to that expectation. The catch with this, however, is the fact that even if a member of the family does not deserve respect or treats Adrian poorly, themselves, he'll still live up to expectation and do what he can when they need assistance. Second, unlike most playboys (in and out of the Quidditch world), Adrian was raised with a certain understanding of how to respect and treat woman. Thanks to his Mother - who, he might add, could be quite terrifying when angry ... she is French, after all - he is physically unable to be outright rude to a woman no matter how deserving of it they are. He does, however, have certain ways of throwing out insults wrapped up in compliments, so it's not so bad in the long run. Besides, you catch more bees with honey, right? Finally, Adrian has a certain level of interest in thrill seeking, which makes him an excellent candidate for a top chaser. Hurtling toward the ground or another player at breakneck speeds in the hope of catching a quaffle and not dying? Absolutely.

negatives | Like anyone else, Adrian's positives are kept in balance by his negatives. As much as he feels responsible for looking out for his family and friends, he can be a little self-centered from time to time, particularly during times when his attention is caught by his other responsibilities. If there is someone in the picture, it's not hard for his thoughts to turn toward them, but when he's on his own his thoughts can often switch to focus solely on his own desires. More often than not, Quidditch is a key contributing factor to the negative aspects of his personality. In today's society a lot of people tend to treat their bodies with respect, while Adrian treats his like an amusement park. Sure, he looks good, but it isn't because of a healthy diet, regular exercise and lots of rest. No. He looks good because he'll focus on training intently and push himself to and sometimes past his limitations. This is a habit stemming from the insecurity that has bloomed under his Father's continuing disapproval for his career and life-style choices.

strengths | When it comes to personality strengths, Adrian will always say that his devotion to his family is his greatest strength. It's a nice sentiment, but his greatest strength is his attention to detail. For whatever reason, Adrian has always been able to focus on what isn't being said. He's much more likely to read your expression or your movements rather than simply taking you on the words you speak. It's a skill that comes in handy both in his personal life and his Quidditch life. A second strength to his personality is his rather lack of shy behavior. He'll talk to anyone, whether it be stranger or friend. His ability to converse is something he picked up through watching his Father work with clients. He may not have the skill or experience his Father has at making people believe whatever lie he might be spinning, he comes in at a close second. It's part of the reason, he is as comfortable in front of the media as he is. With a smile or a bit of flirting, the subject can be changed from a rather nasty foul to a coming charity gala. It all depends on the spin.

weaknesses | Adrian, despite his assurance that he has no weaknesses, is not perfect. Not at all, in fact. Given the strained relationship between himself and his father, particularly since Adrian refused to go quietly into the family business, he's developed a certain need to prove himself. He needs to look perfect and he needs to be on his game and, more importantly, he needs to prove that he made the right decision. He knows that eventually he will step away from the Quidditch world and take over his responsibilities within the business, but for the moment he wants to be secure in doing the things he enjoys. On top of that, Adrian also has a bit of a temper. For the most part, he can control it. It takes a lot to make him angry, but once he is it's like a switch has been hit and he can't shut it off until it's run it's course. As much as he tries to stay out of trouble, he hasn't always been able to avoid it.

likes | being the center of attention, working out, testing his limits, flirting, Quidditch, the tension before the quaffle is dropped, having his own place, a good fight every now and again, sex woman, men, dating in general, Authentic Japanese food, interacting with the fan base, grabbing a beer after games, horsing around with his mates.

dislikes | Greasy foods, bad press, clingy people, flying in the rain, losing, having to explain himself, being lectured, being told he can't do something, cheap cologne, yellow, orange, woman with short hair, men with long hair.

We march the streets at night looking for a thrill, looking for a fight
It was the first day of the rest of our lives. We were fast, never going to die.


Despite the fact that a good part of him being a Tornado lies in the fact that Lucius Malfoy (a relative) owns the team, Adrian fits the role beautifully. Adrian, for the most part, appreciates certain traditions, particularly concerning family. There are some that he wishes would fall out of practice (like arranged marriages) but he'll give them lip service if he has to. Personally, he doesn't hold as much of the "GO PUREBLOOD" torch, but he keeps his opinions to himself. Being a part of a pureblood family, himself, he knows how to pick his battles and theirs just no winning that argument. Whenever the topic of the team hiring only strictly purebloods is raised by the media, Adrian usually uses the protective big brother card to turn the attention back toward the concept of supporting family values.


It's a complicated love/hate relationship that Adrian has with the Media. On one hand, they feed his desire to be the center of attention. Without them, his picture wouldn't be circulated as often as it is and he'd NEVER get any press time. On the other hand, their hungry little vultures who like to pick at wounds that you're, in most cases, impatiently waiting to heal. This aspect of their collective drive have caused Adrian's temper to flare on more than one occasion. Thankfully, bits of camera glass have not ended up lodged into his fist, so he classifies this as a win and maintains that he enjoys having the media around. Unlike some of the other players on the team, Adrian has no qualms with being sent out to give a statement. He'll simply put on one of his million dollar smiles and spin the story the way it needs to be. It's all part of the job. Can't have one without the other.


Outside of a deep-rooted love of the game, the fans are Adrian's favourite part of playing professionally. He loves the fact that he has not only his own personal fan base, but that he's included in the much larger fan base of the tornadoes. It's much like being a rock star ... but a hell of a lot cooler. While some might take an effort to avoid having their presence noticed when out in the general public, Adrian does not. He enjoys it and only seeks to keep a low profile when he's restricted by a timeline. If he doesn't have the time to stop and chat/flirt with a few fans, he avoids them all together. Even with his own ego needed to be fed, he still has a sense of responsibility. He has not, nor will he ever, purposefully push away a fan. If you have no fans, you have no game.

We fought to rule the world not knowing how fragile we really were
Then the bricks began to fall and we could see the cracks along the wall.


Adrian was born the first and only son to Phillip and Elizabeth Selwyn on the early morning of May 30th. As most respectable Purebloods would be, the two were immensely pleased to welcome a perfectly healthy son into the world. Phillip had his heir and Elizabeth had her little boy. Neither one of them really understood how those very different titles would come to affect Adrian's personality and his self-awareness.

Growing up in the Selwyn household, Adrian quickly found that there was a fine line to walk between Mother and Father. The earlier years saw a distant but attentive Father figure and the continuously warm presence of his Mother. As any child would, Adrian gravitated to the warmth of his mother and remained somewhat distant from Phillip. The older man did not think it ideal, but given his son's young age allowed it. The problem, with this, of course, lay in the very different beliefs held by Elizabeth. She didn't think the same way as Phillip and indulged Adrian. She fed his love for Quidditch and his love of attention. All the qualities that Phillip had hoped to instill in his son were undone by his wife. Adrian quickly developed a deep sense of what family meant, but nothing at all about the importance of business and wealth. As Adrian aged, Phillip attempted to make him more aware of the significance, but it never seemed to take. Like his mother, Adrian's attention was focused on the distance, rather than the immediate. This only further wedged the two of them apart.

By the time that Chantel arrived, four years later, Adrian was most certainly his Mother's son. In the beginning, the typical flares of jealousy rose within him at having to share Elizabeth's attention, but the problem was easily fixed. All Elizabeth had to do was stress the importance of Adrian being a big brother and include him in looking after Chantel and he was hooked. He wore his "Big Brother" badge with pride and told anyone who would listen that it was his special job to protect his baby sister. If Chantel was unhappy, Adrian was unhappy.

As the two of them continued to grow, their relationship changed in subtle ways. Adrian relaxed his protectiveness bit by bit and Chantel followed her big brother around. If he ate his peas, she ate her peas. If he wore pajamas with broomsticks on them, she wanted the same pair. For siblings, they got on remarkably well ... at least until they moved into their teenage years.

When it came time for Adrian to board the Hogwarts Express, he was both excited and nervous. He'd never been away from his parents for so long before. He didn't want to leave his mother or his sister for months at a time. His concern was not helped by a crying Chantel, who remained upset that Adrian could do something that she could not. Only with a promise to write often did Adrian set onto the train and head toward a whole new chapter of his life, one he would build without the assistance of his parents.


Hogwarts, despite having a floor plan that was frustratingly large and complicated, offered Adrian everything he didn't have at home. It opened up doors to further interactions with other Pureblood children outside of family connections, a much larger reign of freedom, and topics of discussion that need not be approved of by his Father. Above all else, however, it was the first to feed Adrian's desire to be the center of attention. At eleven years old, a parents disapproval seems like a much bigger thing. It eats away at you and makes you second guess yourself. Adrian used the population of Hogwarts to justify his thoughts, his decisions, and feel a little more in charge of his own life. He liked that he could make people laugh. He liked that he could intimidate people if he had to. He liked not being a part of the dull background.

Quidditch was the perfect means for Adrian to continue seeking attention. As a child, he'd attended a few games with his parents and he'd fully injoyed it. He had not, however, played the game much, which left him severely behind a lot of the other children. His main starting point, however, was when he discovered that first year students never made the team. Adrian, having a problem with being told what he can and can't do, was having none of it. He tried out for the team despite some of his friends telling him he was wasting his time. His flying skills were good, but when it came to the actual Quidditch skills, Adrian came up lacking. As expected he didn't make the team. Rather than discouraging him, however, Adrian took it upon himself to learn and get better. He even elicited the help of one of Slytherins chasers to give him the run down of the game and the skills he'd need.

It wasn't a quick victory and there were times when Adrian's frustrations got the better of him. It took him two full years to finally be good enough to make the Slytherin Quidditch team. After a particularly grueling tryout, Adrian was granted one of the Chaser positions that had opened on the team by the previous years graduations. Making the team, however, did no mean he could slow down and stop pushing himself. Pushing himself would become a habit that Adrian would have a very hard time letting go of. With each game, Adrian worked to better his skills and better then he did. It got to the point where Quidditch filled his thoughts. He did not, however, have the luxury of letting his grades slip. Whether or not he enjoyed Quidditch, Phillip Selwyn was expecting academic results. Even having Chantel now at the school with him did not distract him from his responsibilities.

Despite pressures at home to follow a career path that brought him in as a full-time member of his Father's business, Adrian found himself doubting the entire scenario. He didn't want to sit behind a desk all day and talk to stuffy clientele who thought less of you because they had sought you out for assistance. Nor did he want a desk job with the Ministry (the other position deemed acceptable by his Father). His mother, through it all, gave him one bit of advice and that was, "find something that makes you happy." There was only one thing outside of his personal relationships and that was Quidditch. Graduation arrived with Adrian still unsure how to explain to his Phillip that he wanted to be a Professional athlete.


You can say there's a time for everything, but there really isn't. Adrian waited for weeks trying to find the right time to tell Phillip about his career decisions. That "right time" turned out to be his sister blurting it out over the dinner table, having assumed that because their mother knew so did their father. Needless to say, Adrian excused himself from the table long before dinner was finished. His appetite had disappeared as the sheer amount of his Father's disapproval had risen. Rather than outwardly acknowledging the failure, Adrian threw himself into training. There was a big difference between Professional Quidditch and the level played at Hogwarts and there were certain areas that he needed to sharpen.

That first year after graduation was filled with hard work, disappointment, and fighting with himself to stick with it no matter his Father's opinion. He pushed himself to his limit when he could, raising the bar higher every time. He'd always been a Falmouth fan, but the original try out for the team left him still without a position and a continued list of try out dates for other teams. After trying out for Kenmare, Ballycastle, and Pride with no luck, Adrian was resigning himself to having to play for the Cannons when he caught wind of an Applyby tryout. With the terrifying thought of playing for the Cannons (the worst team in the league, what with all that godawful orange) he pushed himself all the harder.

His effort seemed to do the trick, as only a few days later he received an offer from Appleby to come on as a reserve chaser for the team. It wasn't starting but it got his foot in the door and that was all he wanted. The recruiters had obviously seen something the others hadn't and he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Adrian remained as a reserve chaser until the end of the 93' season when the left flank chaser suffered a serious injury and was pulled removed from the game. His dedication to his training and the rapid increase of his skills during practices made him the top candidate to take his place. It was the first and last time he'd ever felt so nervous. Thankfully, Adrian has always done well under pressure. It's the one good thing to come from living beneath his Father's continued high expectations. When most people are sweating, Adrian's barely feeling the heat.

The next few days were harder than having to play his first professional game. A part of him desperately wanted his teammate to be hurt enough to be replaced, but the other part of him that demanded loyalty to his team reprimanded him continuously for the thoughts. In the end, it turned out the starting chaser was scheduled for a long stint of physiotherapy to repair the damage done to his shoulder, which left the spot of starting chaser wide open for Adrian to take and take he did.

For the next two seasons Adrian flew with the Arrows and sharpened his skills at the highest level of play. He had a good thing going with Appleby, but little did he know, that was about to change. At the end of the '95 season, Adrian discovered two things. A) His cousin Lucius had treated himself by purchasing the Tutshill Tornadoes and B) Applyby was looking to make trade him, which was one of the downsides to being good. It wasn't just the mediocre players that were traded. Oh no, excellent players are traded to get the deals needed to better structure a team and the Arrows needed a decent set of beaters. They could handle the loss of one good chaser when they had two others. One mediocre chaser was better than two mediocre beaters.

As someone who likes to remain in control, the thought of being traded off to another team without any input simply didn't work for him. So, on the Appleby end, Adrian worked to push their attention toward Tutshill without them realizing he was doing it. The problem, of course, was the limited amount of time he had prior to the start of the upcoming season. He had to work fast. Ultimately, however, his manipulation payed off and they began to look seriously at a possible trade with the Tornadoes. To this day, he can't tell you what the Arrows got in the trade. All he cared about was not having been traded to the Cannons.

With Lucius as the owner, it was made particularly clear that he was there because of his skill and not his relation. Adrian didn't really care one way or another. He just wanted to play Quidditch. Without really trying, Adrian slipped into the group with little effort. His ideals flowed with the team and it's ethos, his style of play corresponded with the other chasers, and he need not worry about another trade. He's been with Tutshill ever since and has enjoyed every moment of it ... even the not so flattering ones.


The topic of relationships is a sticky one for Adrian. He has his own ideas on the topic but is loath to discuss them. Just by glimpsing at his professional record and the bits passed out by the media, it is safe to assume that Adrian doesn't spend most nights alone. He likes attention and he likes sex. Internally, he very much wants to find someone to settle down with, but he's not entirely sure that's bound to happen. He thought that once before, but unfortunately, it didn't turn out. Of course, falling for a foreigner working in London on a visa wasn't exactly the smartest of things to do, particularly when you had no intention of leaving your family and career to pursue said relationship. When she returned home, Adrian didn't follow and let the relationship come to an end. There are days he regrets this choice, but there are also days when he tries to put it behind him.

Since then, however, he's been particularly carefully about putting his heart into things. Yes, he'd like very much to have that more meaningful connection. Sadly, he simply doesn't have the time nor the mindset to deal with another heartbreak. It's much, much easier to simply indulge in fast relationships. Currently, there is no significant other for Adrian.


Phillip Steven Daniel Selwyn | Father, Self-Employed | For a long time, Adrian assumed that his Father business (Locating and acquire rare items for a select clientele) was the most important thing in the man's life. As he's matured, he's come to realize that the man does care about more than just that. Unfortunately, Adrian's also realized that his Father is only pleased when life runs smoothly along the path that Phillip has deemed acceptable. From an early age, Adrian set himself to trying to live up to the high standards of his Father, but always seemed to fall just short of them. Having such a track record of unfulfilled goals has left Adrian with a need for positive attention. Since his decision to play Quidditch professionally, rather than head immediately into the family business, the relationship between Father and Son has grown rather frosty. Despite having assured Phillip that he will take his place when the time comes, Phillip has never been to see one of Adrian's games.

Elizabeth Ann Selwyn née Chevalier | Mother, Socialite | For every bit as irritated as Phillip is with Adrian, Elizabeth is proud. Yes, Adrian strives to live up to his Father's expectations, but he has always been and will always be, his Mother's son. His relationship with her is much different than with his Father. She's his Mother, of course, but also a friend. His strong sense of family stems from her and the things she's taught him along the way. She is the reason he is bilingual and the reason he ultimately decided to play Quidditch. Even when his father discouraged the idea, she supported him. Like Adrian, she has a vicious temper when provoked, but rarely is it seen by anyone outside of her family. The one thing Adrian knows about his Mother above all else is that she's a lovely woman who should never, ever, be messed with. He is under no allusion that she needs his or even Phillips protection. When this is pointed out, her favourite response has always been "I'm French." Adrian is one of those people who would consider himself lucky if he ever married someone like his Mother.

Chantel Annalise Selwyn | Sister, 21, Witch Weekly Intern | He'd like to say that she's just like him ... but that would be a lie. She's bouncy, loves fashion, is obsessed with the opposite sex ... alright, so maybe not entirely different. Beyond all of that, Adrian and Chantel have a good relationship. He respects her privacy and tones down the "Big Brother" vibe when she brings boys home, and she respects his wishes not to see her wandering around flaunting parts of her body he never wants to see. They have a good thing going. He was a little disappointed that he was never able to persuade her to the side of Quidditch, but he's happily settled with having her support. If nothing else, perhaps having a sister working for WW will earn him a few extra headlines when the need arises ... not that he would EVER think of using her to further his own career ... at least not without asking, first.

Emlyn Rosier | Cousin, Caerphilly - Physiotherapist | Adrian doesn't have a long standing relationship with his Cousin, but in the summer of 1988 she stayed with them over the course of the summer months. It was a change, certainly, to have her among them, but one that Adrian rather enjoyed. He didn't understand why his Father disliked the idea of caring for the girl, particularly since she barely made any sort of noise to give away her presence. Adrian, himself, caused more chaos around the Selwyn house than anyone. Both wishing to avoid Phillips wrath, the two of them often escaped the Manor to enjoy the days on their own. When the summer came to an end, however, Emlyn returned to Durmstrang and Adrian to Hogwarts. Phillip did not offer the invite again and Adrian has only seen Emlyn on rare occasions. He still thinks fondly of her.

Lucius Malfoy | Cousins, Owner of Tutshill Tornadoes | Despite being a good deal older than himself, Adrian enjoys Lucius' company and appreciates the fact that the man is the owner for the team in which Adrian plays. From day one it was established that Adrian was there because of his skill (even if Adrian likes to tell himself that part of the reason is that he's family) and nothing else. The two of them get along well for the most part. Adrian keeps his more alternative habits to a minimum and lives up to the expectations placed on each Tutshill player and Lucius appreciates Adrian's ability to manipulate a situation. It really is a win-win sort of situation.

All we are is broken glass. Throw us to the floor, we were never meant to last
And all we are are empty shells. Try to pick us up and you're gonna cut yourself.

Private, Self

Okay, seriously? Sex is not listed as prohibited sport in your contract, but you'd be the damn fool to get it added in there.

Note to self: you are not meant to bend like that. Do not do it again, I do not LIKE having to train with a sore back.

Thank you! Carry on.

Public, English

So ... good game or good game? Neither. It was a fucking excellent game in which he swiftly and soundly kicked Kenmare's asses behinds, just as you lot believed we would.

With that accomplished, I'm left with a dilemma caused by this upcoming charity event. It would be unseemly to show up alone, me thinks.

Private, Clint Warrington

Clint! You got a date yet? Probably. You usually have six. One for every unoccupied coat room. Shame on you, hussy. This relationship is not working out.

How often does your character find themselves embroiled in scandal? - I wouldn't say very often. Every once in a while his temper will flare up and he'll get into a fight, but if there is any scandal concerning him it's more likely to be either caused by his sex life OR Clint's sex life. lol. In attempts to bail him out, he can get dragged into the middle of it.

Given that Quidditch is a dangerous sport, how do you feel about the potential for your character to suffer a major injury during a game? - NOT THE FACE!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, NOT THE FACE!! ... Seriously, so long as he isn't hurt to the point of being unable to play again, I'm cool with injuries. It's all part of the game.

Would you like to be added to the QPQ blast chat?

Adrian "Ade" Selwyn
we believed we can go on forever.

FULL NAME: Adrian Geoffrey Xavier Selwyn
NICKNAMES: Ade, Golden Boy (Clint)
DATE OF BIRTH: 30 May 1972
NATIONALITY: British/French

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Loft - Somerville Ave, Barnes.
SEXUALITY: Bisexual, though tends to lean more toward woman.
BOGGART: A bloody nurse/healer

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann Selwyn née Chevalier
FATHER: Phillip Steven Daniel Selwyn
SISTER: Chantel Annalise Selwyn

CURRENT TEAM: Tutshill Tornados
POSITION: Starting Chaser
START DATE: January 1995
PAST TEAMS AND YEARS: Appleby Arrows [1992 - 1995]

SCHOOL: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
SCHOOL YEARS: 1983-1990
HOUSE: Slytherin


• Adrian, despite what you might think, absolutely loves kids. If there's any sort of charity work involving children, he's all over it. Perhaps it because he can be a child himself, he doesn't really know. All he does know is that more often than not, they think in ways that could benefit most adults. Never let it be said that children are stupid.

• Even though his Father continues to look down his nose at him, Adrian still maintains respect for the man. Phillip is his father, after all, and the position deserves the required amount of respect. Some days it is a struggle to remember this and offering such respect makes his stomach turn. Still, his upbringing holds strong.

• Has on more than one occasional hoped for the possibility of a divorce between his parents. Each time he's felt bad for wanting such a thing, but it doesn't change the fact that he can't see the connection between Phillip and Elizabeth. Nor can he really understand why Elizabeth cares for a man with a seriously limited range of emotions.

• Is fluent in french, though he rarely uses it outside of speaking with his Mother.

•Adrian is absolutely terrified of hospitals. He hates them ... which is a bit awkward considering Quidditch is a bit violent. He's a terrible patient and will always try to sign himself out as soon as possible no matter what his healer says.

• Would love to get a dog, but he realizes he doesn't have the time to take care of an animal. He's barely home long enough to sleep, let alone feed, groom, and walk a dog.

• While he is loyal to the Tornados, Adrian still holds a torch for the Falcons. They are still a blast to watch.


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