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Tyler Vaisey
the theory of tyler

Full Name | Tyler Shannon Vaisey
Nicknames | Ty
Age | 26/27
Birthday | 11 June 1977
Blood Status | Halfblood
House/Year | Slytherin '95
Location | England
Current Residence | Sydenham Hill, Sydenham
Previous Occupation | Record Store, Clerk
Current Occupation | Disciplined Breakdown, lead guitar & vocals
Class | Upper Middle Class

Miranda Vaisey née Knight | Mother | Tyler's mother is the sort of woman who doesn't speak/act out against her Husbands wishes. She was raised in a traditional home and those qualities have transferred over to her own household. While she would prefer to have more contact with her son and granddaughter, she will not go outside her Husbands wishes to do so, which means she has a limited role in their lives. Emily knows who she is, but rarely spends any time with her outside of the holidays.

Jonathan Vaisey | Father | A particularly religious man (which Tyler has always found odd, given the fact that he's a Pureblood wizard) Jonathan Vaisey has a strong personal understanding of what's right and wrong. Unfortunately for Tyler, his entire life has seemed to be dotted with what his father considers to be wrong; drugs, body modification, sex outside of wedlock. This wedge between them has only grown as they've gotten older. Tyler very rarely sees/speaks to his Father. He will take Emily to their home for Christmas dinner and on her Birthday, but that is the extent of their interactions.

Emily Raine Vaisey | Daughter | There are two good things Tyler's done in his life. One would be not listening to his Father and going after his musical goals. The second, would be Emily. It's clear to anyone who looks their way that she has him wrapped tightly around her tiny little finger. Tyler has a specifically hard time saying no to her, but does his best at being a proper parent.

Friends | ... to be added as connections in game are developed.

Sexuality| Heterosexual
Significant Other | Elizabeth Harris None.
Children | Emily Vaisey

Loyalty/Alliance | Tyler has loyalty only to his daughter and his band. He does not define himself by "light" or "dark" preferring to simply stay out of it. Neither side seems to offer him what he's looking for, so he's content to let others drown themselves in the politics of it all.

Role in the War | Tyler had no role in the war. Graduating in '95, he immediately lost himself within the Muggle world. He'd spent the last 17 years in the Wizarding world and he hadn't found what he was looking for. The Muggle world seemed to be a better option. He did not fight for either side of the war.

Political Views | Tyler is probably the most unpolitical person on the face of the planet. He's lucky to even be able to tell you who the Prime Minister is. He only knows the royalty because the Queen is old as dirt and her grandson's have the tendency to splash themselves across the media.

Height | 6' 1"
Weight | 187 lbs
Hair | Black and in his uniquely styled format
Eyes | Dark brown

Manner of Dress | Tyler always looks the part of a rocker. He has very, very little colour in his wardrobe and normally sticks to black, but will stretch out to white, red, and shades of grey. You won't find a bright yellow shirt in his closet, nor will you find any sort of dress clothes. He doesn't wear a bow tie (though he will where a skinny tie depending on the style he's going for), nor does he wear anything that needs to be ironed. His favourite sort of outfit is a pair of black jeans with a black t-shirt ... though he does enjoy a good vest from time to time. One accessory, he always wears is a leather wrist band. A friend of his who is now deceased gave it to him years ago and he only takes it off to shower.

Distinguishing Features | Tattoos. Tyler has a lot of them. He's one of those blokes who's addicted to having them done. Like his clothing, they do not have any colour in them, save the odd splash of red. All of his tattoos are done in shade of grey and he thinks the lack of colour gives them more depth. His newest tattoo is Kanji symbols spelling out his daughters name running down the inside of his left arm. He had it done when his daughter was born to remind him that his life wasn't just about him anymore. Tyler is a big fan of Japanese style tattoos, as he enjoys the creative style. On his right arm, Taylor has a tattoo of a dragon. The tail rests just above his elbow and it's head comes over his shoulder to rest on his chest. The body of the dragon is wrapped around his arm. It is one of his favourite tattoos. His back, however, contains the largest of his tattoos. It is a complete tattoo of a geisha sitting among cherry trees, her back is turned and her kimono is slipping off of her shoulders. It is incredibly detailed and was very time consuming to have completed.

Wand | 10 1/2 inches, Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring
Boggart | Himself, addicted.
Patronus | Hawk

Strengths | sense of responsibility, determination, drive, intelligent, patient, observant, clam, controlled
Weaknesses | self-doubt, unwilling to date/settle down, speaks his mind without concern of the consequences, has a tendency to hold a grudge longer than necessary, completely devoid of any religious beliefs.

Detailed Personality | On the outside it doesn't look like Tyler's all that deep of a person. The truth is, however, his personality is a complicated mix of characteristics, with each one stemming as a consequences of various events in his life. While he might not look it, he's a very difficult person to get a hold on. First off, is his addictions. Coming out of Hogwarts and into the circles of Muggle Music, it wasn't long before he found himself dallying into some of the Muggle drugs. He misjudged their potency and suffered the consequences of it. With Emily's arrival into his life, he was forced to get clean and the struggle of that is not something he will ever forget. Unfortunately, like many others before him, he replaced one addiction with another. In Tyler's case, he changed drugs for sex. This in combination with the stress of his relationship/break up with Elizabeth Harris (Emily's Mother), Tyler has a particular unwillingness to get close to anyone. He uses sex as a quick fix and never looks to a long term solution.

Of course, given his History, Tyler often worries about his new role as sole guardian for Emily. He sure as hell didn't make the right choices in his own life and he doubts whether or not he can make the right ones for her. It's a delicate balance, he maintains, between affection and discipline. He knows showering her with gifts and such is not a responsible way to raise her, but it's often difficult to remember that she also needs to be taught the difference between right and wrong. He simply can't buy her a something because he feels guilty that she got into trouble for pulling the tail of the neighbours cat (even if said cat is an irritant to begin with).

Then there's the parts of him that you'll see on his sleeve. Tyler's love for music isn't a secret. Anyone who sees him with a guitar/mic in his hand can tell how much of himself he puts into it. His band members are family and the creation of their music isn't just about him. It's a compilation of their past experiences, experiences they hope to have, and even a shared joke between them. Of course, with their music comes media attention and fans. Unlike a lot of musicians,Tyler doesn't really like the attention, particularly now that Emily is in his life. He hates seeing pictures of her published, but understands he can't keep her locked away in the house to prevent it. He does what's necessary when it comes to interviews and fan interactions, but he's happy to let one of the other members of the band take over. He may be the front man for the band, but he certainly doesn't hog the spotlight.

Childhood | Tyler's childhood wasn't exactly terrible. He had a roof over his head, he had clothes that fit, he had everything he needed. Terrible certainly wouldn't be the right word to describe it. Difficult would, however, be accurate. It was difficult in the sense that his father (while using magic, himself) was deeply religious, adhering (more or less) to the Christian religion. Of course, this would come to clash with Tyler's own growing sense of awareness about the world. Jonathan Vaisey had strict understanding of the way things were suppose to work in the household. He also had strict expectations for his son. Neither of which Tyler ever lived up to.

His early years passed by without any significant issues. It wasn't until he approached his time at Hogwarts that Tyler began to display characteristics that weren't exactly looked kindly upon by his father. Hanging out with the other children in their neighbourhood, it became quite clear that Tyler had a knack for trouble. Unfortunately, he also had a knack for getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. It didn't seem to matter how many times they confided him to his room, Tyler just seemed to cause havoc wherever he went.

In an attempt to direct this abundance of energy and curiosity into something more useful, the Vaisey's directed Tyler's interest toward music. At first they gave him the option of choosing an instrument, but that was quickly discarded when he chose the drums. Unwilling to allow for a set of drums in his house, Jonathan drew the line at a guitar. Of course, the first was not an electric. Anything that had an amp with it was simply too disruptive. So, Tyler walked out of the music store with a simple acoustic guitar. Little did either of his parents know, but that purchase would soon take over their son's life ... whether or not they approved.

As he first started to play, Tyler (like most kids) wasn't all that big of a fan. The strings hurt the pads of his fingers, his hand wouldn't curl around the neck right, his fingers wouldn't stretch far enough, and for the life of him, he couldn't get the hang of strumming smoothly. Still, his parents urged him on as the trouble that followed him started to gradually disappear. And, unsurprisingly, as his skills increased the more he enjoyed it. By the time Tyler entered Hogwarts 2 years later, he was addicted.

Hogwarts | Tyler had mixed feelings about Hogwarts. First, he was happy to get out from under his Father's thumb somewhat. Sure if he got into trouble, his parents would be notified, but Tyler would only have to face a angry letter. Second, while magic was cool and everything, Tyler's love for music was much stronger. Classes just seemed to get in the way of pursuing what he really wanted to. Needless to say, Tyler wasn't exactly the best student out there. He did his work and handed it in on time, but it was never the best that he could put forth. He wasn't stupid ... he just didn't care enough about it. Had they asked him to write a paper on the history of the guitar, it would have been outstanding. The properties of monkswood, however, not so much.

On top of his disinterest in school, Tyler found him sorted into Slytherin among other children that stemmed from Pureblood families. Unfortunately, for Tyler, only his father was pureblood and all of his classmates seemed to know that his Mother was a Muggle. This was not, as you can imagine, the quick way to popularity and he got the cold shoulder and snarky comments for the most part. He wasn't concerned, however, as he wasn't overly fond of living up to pureblood expectations. He had enough expectations at home without not living up to a second set. Instead, Tyler became one of those students who interacted with all the houses. He had a knack for spotting those who, like him, had an affinity for music and he stuck to those circles for the most part.

When Harry Potter arrived at the beginning of his third year, he was one of the few who didn't bat an eyelash. Sure, he'd heard the stories and whatnot, but he'd never been all that interest in He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named nor was he interested about some random boy. As Hogwarts seemed to gradual build a sense of panic and uncertainty within it's walls, Tyler did his best to stay out of all of it, fading happily into the background until it was time for him to finally leave Hogwarts.

Post-Hogwarts | After graduation, Tyler wasn't entirely sure what he wanted to do with his life. He wasn't interested in working for the Ministry, or Gringotts, or any other major organization within the Wizarding world like so many of his other classmates. What he really wanted to do was write and play music. Sadly, however, there wasn't a whole lot of people out there willing to pay him to play around on his guitar every day. His lack of career options frustrated and further irritated his father. He stayed with his parents for a few months after graduating, but it wasn't long at all before he took what little money he had and found a place of his own in London. It wasn't the most glamorous of apartments, but it was enough to get him by. Next he found a job at one of the record shops down in SOHO. Again, nothing glamorous, but it paid the bills AND his knowledge of music and artists came in handy.

Now pulled out of the Wizarding world, Tyler started to focus on his own life without the daily influence of magic. Yes, he still used his wand when he was at home, but the occasions were few and far between. Seeking out the music circles in London, Tyler began taking small steps toward his goal. It was in those first few months that he met Damian Wright. A fellow guitarist and music fan. Given their shared interest and personality characteristics, the two became fast friends. Unlike Tyler, Damian knew his way around. He knew which clubs the promoters stuck to, which people to talk to, and which people to avoid. Unfortunately for Tyler, he also knew who was selling what. As the two of them began working to build the band they envisioned, Damian also showed Tyler the influence of muggle drugs. Figuring that they were no where near as powerful as some of the things circulating the Magical world, Tyler scoffed at the possibility of them being that addictive and joined in. It started off small, but as it tended to do, grew rapidly out of hand until heroin became more important to him than his music.

During this time, Tyler met Elizabeth Harris. She was beautiful, loved his music, and was involved in the same sort of circles as Tyler. It seemed like a match made in heaven and in the beginning it was. Once their band was formed, things looked like they were turning around and in 1999, Disciplined Breakdown was signed by a small recording company out of London. That, however, seemed to be the last of the good news for quite some time. Tyler and Elizabeth were continuously arguing, the band was having trouble writing songs and members seemed to be coming and going on a regular basis. It was chaos and for the first time in his life, Tyler was tempted to just walk.

The deciding factor came at the end of August in 1999. Elizabeth was pregnant and suddenly that was enough of a reason for the two of them to stay together. Even with the baby between them, things didn't get better. His life was about to change drastically and Tyler was internally freaking out. Unable to simply pull away from the drugs he'd become so addicted to, he struggled to find the right place to be as Damian fell more and more into drugs. It wasn't until the following may that Tyler got the kick in the pants that he needed. Receiving a call in the early hours, Tyler was told Damian had died of an overdose. It wasn't surprising to most, given Damian's habits, but for Tyler it was like seeing an image of himself in the same position and everything just seemed to hit him hard. He needed to clean up his act. In a few short weeks he'd be a father. A single look at Elizabeth told him she wasn't the sort of Mother he wanted to raise his child on her own. If he ended up like Damian, the baby would end up alone or worse.

Of course, saying you're going to get clean and doing it are two very different things. For those few remaining weeks, Tyler made little ground on quitting. It wasn't until Emily was placed in his arms did he really get it. This was it. This was his last chance to actually do something with his life. Elizabeth's sheer disinterest in being a mother certainly helped push him forward. The first year of Emily's life was difficult for all of them. Elizabeth reluctantly took care of their daughter when Tyler couldn't be there, but the moment he returned she was off; continuing with the partying, drugs, and sex. Tyler didn't care what she did, as far as he was concerned the two of them were over. Instead he focused on getting cleaned up and he returned his attention to his music. With Damian gone , Tyler rebuilt the band. If there was ever a time he needed to succeed this was it.

It wasn't until 2002 that Disciplined Breakdown took off in the Muggle world. Finding a place where he was drug free and able to fully support his daughter, left Tyler more than a little relieved. Giving Elizabeth the ultimatum of either stepping up or stepping off, he watched her leave with little emotion. Shortly after, he was granted full custody of Emily. Neither of them have seen Elizabeth since then and while Emily does ask about her Mother from time to time, the two have no intention of inviting her back into their lives.

It's been two years since the band's success and Tyler's been doing his best to balance his attention between his responsibilities as front man and his responsibilities as a father. It's a difficult battle, but he feels accomplished at the end of each successful day.

Common Knowledge |
  • Is the front man for Disciplined Breakdown
  • Has a four year old daughter
  • Can play the guitar and the piano
  • After Hogwarts, he disappeared into the Muggle world for several years. Most are unaware of the sordid details of his life there, but once the band started to become popular, he began to stream it toward the Magical world as well.
  • Looks like the rocker type, but he's particularly quiet in front of the masses.

  • Secrets |
  • Wishes that Emily's mother, Elizabeth Harris, was deceased as he feels it would be easier to explain her absence. Death is kinder than telling Emily that her mother simply didn't want to be in her life.
  • Feels guilty that Emily doesn't have much interaction with her extended family. The problems between Tyler and his father continue to keep them apart.
  • Would like to have the typical family, but the fear of it not working out (both for his and Emily's sake) keep him from pursuing it.

  • Participation | Unless he unwittingly takes it, I don't see Tyler being a fan of the potion. Right at this moment, he's not looking for "The One" he's a firm believer that "Miss. Right Now" is much safer.

    Soul Mate Attributes | If he did have a soul mate, they would have to be able to wrap their minds around his personality and the responsibilities he now had in his life (his music, and Emily). They'd also have to be okay with not being the most important person in his life. Emily will always be that person and no significant other is going to unseat her. Personality wise, they'd have to be able to give as good as they got.

    Plot Ideas | A few here and there. lol. We'll just have to wait and see.


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