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Harry James Potter

Full Name | Harry James Potter
Nicknames | Potter, Scarhead, The Chosen One, The-Boy-Who-Lived, Undesirable Number One, bloody well none of the above
Age | 23/24
Birthday | 31st July 1980
Blood Status | Halfblood
House/Year | Gryffindor '97
Location | England
Childhood Home | #4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey
Current Residence | Rumsey Rd, Brixton
Previous Occupation | Auror Trainee
Current Occupation | Auror
Class | Upper Middle Class

Lily Potter nee Evans | Mother | d. 31 October 1981
James Potter | Father | d. 31 October 1981

Petunia Dursley nee Evans | Aunt/Guardian
Vernon Dursley | Uncle/Guardian
Dudley Dursley | Cousin

Sirius Black | Godfather | d. June 1996

The Weasleys | Unofficial Adoptive family minus Ginny

Friends | Ron, Hermione, Dean, Seamus, Fred, George, Ginny, Fleur, Neville, Luna, and a variety of other housemates, classmates, and co-workers that I have not mentioned here.

Sexuality| Heterosexual ... he thinks ... though his luck with woman is abominable.
Significant Other | None.
Children | None.

Loyalty/Alliance | When one side killed your parents before you could truly know them and subsequently wants your head on a stake ... well, you tend to support the opposing side. Harry has always been pro-Order and will continue to do so with McGonagall taking the lead in Dumbledore's place.

Role in the War | stupid question Harry was at the center of the war. As Voldemort's main target, he faced a variety of difficulties. During his time at Hogwarts, Harry was kept very much out of the Order loop. This did not stop him, however, from getting himself involved, whether it be through the creation of Dumbledore's Army, his trip into the Chamber of Secrets, getting his hands on the Prophecy in his fifth year, or taking the search for the Horcruxes head on.

Political Views | Since his early run in with the Ministry of Magic, under the control of first Cornelius Fudge and then Rufus Scrimgeour, Harry can't say that he trusts the entirety of the institution. Even with it's current leadership (Kingsley Shaklebolt), Harry has his doubts. He's come to learn that there is always room for betrayal and corruption.

Height | 5' 8"
Weight | 155lbs
Hair | Black
Eyes | Green (like his mothers, we know).

Detailed Appearance | If Harry had any dreams of growing out of his short stature, they've long since died, burnt to death in the face of an irreversible reality. Standing at at only 5 feet 8 inches, there are more than a few woman in the department taller than him. Does this irritate him? Oh, absolutely? Is there anything that can be done about it? Unless he plans to wear platform shoes the rest of his life ... no. It's just something he prefers not to talk about ... much to Ron's endless amusement, no doubt.

On the topic of his physical appearance, not much has changed since his time at Hogwarts. His features have matured with age, but it's safe to say that no one is going to mistake him for someone else. His most obvious feature, of course, is the lightening bolt scar on his forehead. It has faded some since the destruction of the Horcrux that had once resided there, but it can still be seen if you're close enough. Harry tends to let his hair grow a little longer in order to hide it, as he's still self-conscious about people seeing it. There's nothing worse than being introduced to someone only for their eyes to do the inevitable flick upward. Outside of his scar, however, the combination of messy jet black hair and bright green eyes usually catch the attention of others ... particularly if others knew his parents before him. He can't tell you how many times he's heard "you look so much like your father, Harry, except your eyes. You have your Mother's eyes." While it's nice to hear tidbits about his parents, he would prefer a different statement every now and again.

There is one thing that has changed since Hogwarts and that would be his wardrobe. Even though he had money, left to him by his parents, Harry rarely purchased new clothes for himself, instead preferring to stick with the overly big hand-me-downs from his much larger cousin. During the school year, this wasn't as bad as it might sound, given the fact that there were a variety of charms to tailor said clothes to fit ... not to mention the introduction of School Uniforms. Purchasing new clothes would only signal to the Dursley's that he had money, which would only have caused further problems for both Harry and Dumbledore, no doubt. Having finally stepped out from underneath the control of the Dursleys, Harry has made an effort to update the majority of his wardrobe. While he is by no means highly fashionable, he is proud to say that his clothing is in the correct size for him ... if not a little long in the legs. As for his glasses ... well, he's had them so long that he's grown rather attached to them and has no desire to get rid of them.

Finally, comes the topic of Harry's hair. No, it hasn't gotten any tidier in years gone by. Yes, it's still looks like he just rolled out of bed ... even if he did brush it that morning. No, you can't brush it for him, he is not a child.

Wand | 11 inches, Holly, Pheonix Feather ... Draco's wand .... Elder Wand 11 inches, Monterillo, Griffin Claw
Boggart | Dementor
Patronus | Stag

Detailed Personality | This is probably a good time for you to discard everything you think you know about Harry Potter. Frankly, it wasn't happily ever after with no consequences of being toss head first onto the front lines of a war at the rip old age of fourteen. Harry carries the internal scars with him, just as he carries the one on his forehead. The difference? It isn't simply a matter of growing his hair longer to hide them. It makes for a particularly complicated personality to sort through.

First, Harry isn't nearly as trusting as most think. Time and time again, he's found himself trusting the wrong people; Quirrel, Mad-Eye Moody (Barty Crouch Jr), and even his own beliefs. Each time this trust was turned against him, leaving him struggling to find his feet in the aftermath. Professor, internal muses, Law Enforcement, it doesn't matter what a person does for a living. If there is one thing he's learned it's that even those you trust can turn against you and, in his experience, that tends to have deadly consequences. As much as he hates to admit it, there are growing similarities between himself and the late Alastor Moody. Constant vigilance is not just an over-exaggeration.

Second, Harry doesn't have such an easy time getting close to others. There is a part of him that is still concerned about the danger that has always seemed to be at his heels. Even though Voldemort has been dead for several years now, it's not exactly an easy thing to shrug off. Spending years with the heavy weight of Voldemort hanging over his head has had it's own affects on Harry's mentality. For a long time he was sure that surviving the war was a big if and switching off that pessimism has turned out to be a continuous battle. He likes to think, however, that he's succeeding at least in that part of his life ... even if he hasn't really put himself out there since his break up with Ginny.

Third, Harry is particularly aware of his fame. This isn't to say that he enjoys it, of course. In fact, if he could change anything about himself, that's what it would be. He'd give his left arm if he thought he could suddenly become an easily forgotten face in the crowd. It isn't at all fair to wish that he'd been able to switch places with another, but that doesn't stop him from wishing it when things get difficult. He's well aware that it's the easy way out. That is enough to get him off the thought. He's never had it easy and he doesn't expect things to change now. If nothing else, he's grown used to having to put everything into what he wants to accomplish.

Finally, when it comes to family, Harry has a very different sense of what it entails than most other people. Remembering only the Dursley's for the first eleven years of his life, he didn't develop a concept of a proper family unit. Instead, he was quiet, restricted, and excluded from such a thing. It was clear to him that he was an outsider within the home (a feeling that would follow him and strengthen during his time at Hogwarts). It wasn't until his first visit to the Burrow that he really got a sense of what it was like to have a family. Even with this image, however, he has a hard time believing in that sort of family unit. Even the Weasley's had the trial with Percy. Family isn't perfect and is just as fallible as a stranger on the street or an enemy you've known for ages.

Among all of this, it's easy to get the image of a morbidly depressed Harry, but not all is bad. he may not be willing to trust in the kindness of strangers, but he does trust in his friends; those of them who stood beside him during the most difficult years of his life. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for Ron, Hermione, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, or Professor McGonagall,. ect To him, these people are his family and it almost makes up for the fact that his own immediate family is made of an empty house and fading memories.

Childhood | There are days when Harry is sure that the rest of the Wizarding world will forever know more about he first year of his life than he'll ever remember. He has heard tidbits from Sirius and Remus about that first year and he vaguely recalls the smell of his Mother's perfume, but everything else he knows about them stems from photos or stories he's heard much later in his life. His life, as far as he knows it, started with the death of his parents October 31st, 1981.

How Dumbledore found him, he can't be sure. He can't even tell you about the flight from Godric's Hallow to Little Whinging. All he can tell you is that for some godawful reason that has to do with protection and blood magic created by the sacrifice of his mother, Dumbledore deemed it in Harry's best interest to be placed within the horrid home of the Dursley's ... his only living (and not incarcerated) family. It would become a decision that would not only raise eyebrows but also shape Harry's personality.

It was clear early on that Harry didn't belong there. As you can imagine, it was difficult at such a young age to come to terms with the fact that he wasn't a member of the family. He grew up watching and ultimately accepting the fact that he was not nearly as important as Dudley. With two bedrooms on the upper floor, Harry was resigned to sleeping in the cupboard beneath the stairs. While most little boys might be afraid of the spiders sharing the space, they became Harry's friends as Dudley ensured that none outside of the house would dare to hold the position.

Once Harry's magical inheritance started to make it's presence known, he was left to wonder if there actually was something wrong with him. His hair grew long overnight, he suddenly appeared on the school roof with no knowledge of how he'd gotten there, he'd turned a teacher's wig blue, and even shrunk one of Dudley's hideous sweaters so he wouldn't have to wear it. Strange things seemed to follow him no matter how hard he tried to fade into the background. All the while, the Dursley's rule of "Don't ask questions" kept him isolated from the truth and confused.

It wasn't until the chaos of unexpected owls and a flood of letters address to the cupboard under the stairs that Harry began to realize that there was a lot more to the situation than he'd been led to believe. Forgotten on his birthday, stuck in a drafty shack on a rocky island, Harry finally got some answers. When Hagrid had entered the shack, Harry was sure he'd never seen anyone so big in all of his life. Even Uncle Vernon's girth couldn't compare to the large figure standing in front of him. This frightening visit, however, would come to be one of the most significant moments in his life.

Finally he had at least a chance to get answers. It was a lot to take in, of course. He found out his parents had been magical, that they'd been killed by some psychopath, and that he'd somehow survived the whole thing. When Hagrid offered him an escape from under the Dursley's tyranny, he took it without a glance backwards. After so many years of neglect and emotional abuse, he was desperate to find an entirely different world to which he really belonged. This discovery, however, would turn out to be a double-edged sword. Diagon Alley was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen, but everyone seemed to know him. These strangers knew more about him than even he did, and once again he found himself an outcast within his own fame. This person they spoke of surely wasn't him. He was Harry. Just Harry.

Hogwarts | A week after Hagrid's visit, Harry found himself at King's Cross Station without a clue in how to get to Platform 9 3/4. Surely someone had played a terrible joke on him. After asking a security guard where the platform was and promptly being dismissed with a laugh, Harry felt his heart sinking just slightly. Of course, this only lasted a moment or some before the soon to be recognizable voice of the Weasley Matriarch caught his ear with a mention of the very platform in which he was suppose to be. This chance meeting introduced him to not only Ron Weasley, his soon to be best friend, but the sort of family he'd always dreamed about having.

With the help of the Weasley Clan, Harry stepped onto Platform 9 3/4, his eyes wide and not at all knowing what he was getting himself into. With Hedwig hooting softly in her cage, his luggage was stored and he'd found himself an empty compartment at the back of the train. The compartment had remained empty as the train had started, but it wasn't long before a familiar, dirt smudged face appeared in the door way asking if he could take a seat. Never really being in the situation where he didn't have Dudley scaring away any possible friends, Harry nodded eagerly. The introduction was strange, at least for Harry, even this boy seemed to know who he was. Instead of the strange awe he'd received from some of the individuals in Diagon Alley, Ron Weasley just responded with "Wicked!" and Harry immediately relaxed into the friendship that would bloom between them.

His first sight of the castle completely floored him. It didn't look like a school. It was far too big to be a school. And with thought, a little seed of fear sprang up. He was never going to be able to find his way around. He'd get lost even before the first class even began. He didn't dwell on this though long, as his surroundings seemed unable to give him a moment with his thoughts. Without fail, he was introduced to another Hogwarts student that would prove to be a reoccurring figure in Harry's life: Draco Malfoy. Immediately Harry was struck by the similarities between this boy and Dudley. Sure, they may not have resembled each other physically, but under that cool, aloof exterior Harry saw the spoiled superiority that Dudley had worn like a badge of honour. On top of that, insulting Harry's very first friend was not the way to go about getting on Harry's good side. Disregarding Draco's offer of friendship, Harry was very much unaware that he'd single handedly created a rivalry that would put James Potter and Severus Snape to shame.

Forgetting the youngest Malfoy for a time, Harry found himself in the Great hall, beneath the eyes of the student population. He knew nothing of Hogwarts houses, outside of the fact that Ron was hoping for Gryffindor and every wizard to ever go bad had stemmed from Slytherin. When his name was called, and the excited murmur moved through the room, Harry had wished desperately that the floor would simply open up and swallow him. What if he ended up in Slytherin? Would Ron still want to be friends with him? When the sorting hat told him that he'd do well in Slytherin, Harry's heart very nearly stopped beating. With only his fear to guide him, he pleaded for anything but Slytherin, which led him to be placed within Gryffindor and set off a rumbling storm of clapping and hollering. In years to come, he'd often wonder how his life would have turned out had he allowed the sorting hat to place him among the likes of Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, and Severus Snape.

If Harry thought his life would become simpler now that he'd found a place among Gryffindor and a friend in Ron Weasley, he was sorely mistaken. His first years was dotted with close calls and terrifying moments of uncertainty. There were positive points as well, including their success over the Troll in the Girls bathroom and Hermione subsequent friendship or finding himself the youngest member of the Gyrffindor Quidditch team in a century. Even all of this couldn't distract him from the presence of the Philosopher's stone.
Like his Father before him, Harry simply had a knack for trouble. The problem with this, of course, was that Harry usually didn't go looking for it, rather had it dropped into his lap. With Ron and Hermione at his side ( a trend that would continue throughout their time at Hogwarts) Harry found his first year coming to an end with Hermione's brilliance, an excellent game of chest, and a defiant moment against the very man who killed his parents.

Unfortunately for Harry, his second year at Hogwarts would end up being as ridiculously frightening , if not more so, then his first. Not even Quidditch could distract him from the events that would take place. As though Professor Lockhart's ridiculous classes weren't bad enough, Harry found himself at odds for the first time with the over all population of Hogwarts. During an iconic duel with arch-nemesis Draco Malfoy, Harry revealed to the room full of students that like Voldemort before him, he was a Parselmouth. This revelation brought fear and alienation from the majority of the student population. The only ones truly sticking beside him was Ron, Hermione, and (unknowingly on Harry's part) Ginny.

The news of this connection to Voldemort barely had time to settle before warnings of the Chamber of Secrets began cropping up accompanied by the petrified forms of animal and student. It wasn't much of a leap for students to make the connection between the chamber of secrets and Harry's ability to speak with snakes. If he hadn't been a social pariah before, he certainly was now.

With the threat of Hogwarts closing and more students being petrified (including Hermione), Harry and Ron faced the horrified realization that a student had finally been taken down into the chamber: Ginny. Discovering a ready to bolt Lockhart, Ron and Harry did the only thing they could think to do. With the Professors still in an unorganized state, the two a coerced Lockhart entered the chamber with the helpful guidance of Moaning Myrtle. Lockhart would prove to be useless in the end, succeeding in separating Harry from Ron and leaving him on his own to face the terror of the Basilisk.

The idea of a simple student facing and defeating such a creature was laughable, even to Harry, but he would prove not to be alone. With the aid of Fawkes, the sword of Gryffindor, and his belief in Albus Dumbledore, Harry faced the very real memory of Tom Riddle and came out the victor. It wouldn't be until hears later that he discovered his actions in the Chamber of secrets would prove to be the beginning of his battle against the Horcrux'.

Harry's third year would be the only year where he didn't face some deadly situation at the hands of Voldemort and it would be this year that Harry would cherish above all the rest .... even if it had been given a rocky start with the help of a Dementor and the distant screaming of his Mother. With the aid of a new Professor, Remus Lupin, Harry would come to learn a great many things about the life of his parents and what truly happened after the death of his parents. On top of that, he would also discover some of the reasons behind the sheer distaste that Professor Snape held for him.

The one thing Harry will always remember from this year was the moment Sirius had invited him to come and stay with him. Despite the rumours that Sirius had been responsible for his parents death, Harry still felt a weight lift off of his chest. He wasn't alone. He had a godfather who actually cared about him. No longer would he have to suffer under the guardianship of the Dursleys. His heart had swelled at that and all the terrible things that had happened that year were suddenly erased. For just that brief moment, Harry was truly happy. His happiness was not to last ( a current them in his life thus far) as Remus shifted into his werewolf form and Peter Pettigrew disappeared, escaping justice and further locking Sirius into the role of criminal.

The rest of the year past in a blur of time turners, dementors, and escape. Having the rug torn violently from beneath him, Harry said good bye to his Godfather with the knowledge that he wouldn't be avoiding the Dursley's that summer. He was not yet allowed to have the happy home he so desired.

After the turbulent first three years of his Hogwarts career, the announcement of a Tri-Wizard tournament was just what Harry was looking for. With no mention of Voldemort for the past year, Harry was ready to let his guard down and with the introduction of Beauxbaton and Durmstrang students into their midst, it seemed like as good a time as any. With the age restrictions put into place, Harry was settled to watch the proceedings and let the spotlight be turned to someone else for once. He would not get his wish, however, as his name was unexpectedly spit out of the goblet of fire as the fourth and final contestant. It was a shocking event, leaving all manner of emotions in it's wake. Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were rightly outraged, those who supported Cedric were disgusted with Harry's audacity, and Harry was left reeling in the wake of Ron's intense anger toward him. Of all these emotions, Harry was affected by Ron's dismissal of him the most. When everyone else seemed to turn against him and he stood facing three tasks he was in no way prepared for, he could have really used the support of his best friend.

Continuously bombarded with Potter stinks badges and scorn from his classmates, Harry faced the first challenge with Hermione brains and a helping hand from both Professor Moody and Hagrid. How he managed to not only perfect the summoning charm but survive that Hungarian Horntail, Harry will never know. His nerves were frayed and he was anxious about the following tasks, but at least the death-defying act had mended the gap between Harry and Ron. The second task, while not a fire breathing dragon, would prove to test him further. Once again aided by Professor Moody and Neville Longbottom, Harry faced the merpeople of the lake and the thought of losing those closest to him. Immediately concerned about those individuals floating at the bottom of the lake, he missed the fact that Dumbledore would not have allowed them to perish and remained. When Fleur did not arrive, Harry didn't think twice about taking her sister with him. It was a near thing, escaping the Grindylows, but he succeeded in the task. His moral fiber boosting him to second place, beneath Cedric.

By the time the third challenge arrived, Harry had an uneasy understanding with Cedric Diggory and was wishing that the most exciting thing he had to face that year would have been a Quidditch match against Slytherin . When Harry arrived outside the maze created for their final task, it looked far less dangerous as it would turn out to be. Helping each other, Harry and Cedric arrived at the center of of the maze, an arms reached from the Tri-Wizard cup. Helping Cedric would prove to be something Harry would wish he hadn't done, for when they grabbed the cup, it signed Cedric's death certificate. Facing the deformed Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew, Cedric was hit with a killing curse and Harry faced the rebirth of Voldemort.

In years to come he would remember this night, but it would not be Voldemort he remembered. It would be watching Cedric fall and knowing it had been his fault. He would also remember the ghostly figures of his parents come from within Voldemort's wand. With their help, he managed to survive that night, returning to Hogwarts with Cedric's body and announcing the return of Lord Voldemort ... an act that would paint him as unstable the following year.

By his sixth year Harry had officially stopped hoping for a regular, danger free year. It obviously wasn't going to happen and he would prove to be right. Until that year Draco Malfoy would prove to be a continuously irritating presence in Harry's life. That was about to change, however, as Harry's interest in the blonde shifted. Despite the looks given to him by Ron and Hermione and the despairing comments from Snape himself, Harry was positive that the Slytherin was up to something. He wouldn't be far from the truth.

Alongside his disregarded claims, however, stood the introduction of the Horcrux. Under Dumbledore's wing, he pieced together bits of Voldemort's story until it unraveled in front of him. The reason he hadn't died was because he couldn't, not until all the pieces of his soul had been destroyed. It was a surprise to find he had destroyed the first back in his second year, and another surprise to know that destroying the second had so badly wounded Dumbledore. His last night with his mentor, Harry spent climbing through a cave and fighting off Inferi as he and Dumbledore retrieved what they assumed to be the third horcrux, only to return to Hogwarts with a fake and straight into the line of fire.

The memory of Dumbledore's body falling over the edge of the Astronomy tower will forever haunt him. He'd trusted in Snape, even for that brief moment he'd let his guard down, and Dumbledore was gone, leaving Harry alone to find and destroy the remaining horcrux without any idea where they might have gone. Harry's anger toward Snape surged after that and it wouldn't be until the next turbulent year that he would begin to learn the truth regarding the moody and anti-social Potions master. Instead Harry returned to the Dursley's for a final time, with absolutely no intention of returning to Hogwarts the following year.

Post-Hogwarts | Harry did not return to Hogwarts that final year. He'd planned to go it alone, but Hermione and Ron would not be denied. Truthfully, he was relieved by their presence. It would be a long and trying year for all three of them. Harry would fall under the doubt of their friends and the doubt in himself. When he'd started out, he had thought he knew what he was doing, but the longer they spent empty handed, the more Harry began to wondering if Dumbledore was wrong in trusting him. Never before, not even at the Dursley's, had he felt so alone. The feeling would continue when for the second time in their friendship, Ron and Harry parted under the stress and tension of the Horcrux they shared the burden of.

With only Hermione at his side, Harry returned to Godric's hallow for the first time. They were there to seek out Bathilda Bagshot, but Harry couldn't pass up the opportunity to look for his parent's graves. He'd been faced with their deaths since he was a child, but looking down at their headstones brought it home. No matter what happened, they weren't suddenly going to show up. The trip to the graveyard would prove to be their connection to Bagshot, finding the old woman watching them. Following her back to her home, they were able to only gather a limited amount of information before Nagini and then Voldemort arrived, leaving the two to just barely escape.

The return of Ron to their circle was a much appreciated surprise. Not only had he returned in time to save Harry's life, but Godric's sword had been returned to them, another horcrux destroyed, and hope was returned to all of them. Hope that would drive them through the coming confrontations at Malfoy Manor. It would be the first time that Harry truly got a sense of what it was like for Draco Malfoy, having the Death Eaters and Voldemort within his home. Unfortunately for the blonde, Harry couldn't be bothered with the state of Draco's life, much to occupied with trying to survive.

Escaping the clutches of Voldemort once again cost the life of Dobby and despite their strange history, Harry was strongly affected by the loss. He'd lost another friend in the madness that was this war. It would not, however, be the last. Arriving in time to witness Snape's death, Harry found himself on the receiving end of Snape's memories. Finally, he had an idea of the life Snape had led and his opinion on the seriously misunderstood Potions Master began to shift. The blame for Dumbledore's death shifted and Harry used the information he'd learned to better understand the role he, himself, would play.

With the Horcruxs being destroyed one by one and the final battle lingering over their heads, Harry stood alone, caught between both sides. All of his friends and family had arrived at the school, willing to risk everything and fight beside him in a cause they truly believed in. They trusted him to defeat Voldemort, but the only way Voldemort could die was if the horcrux in Harry's scar was destroyed. ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.

Leaving the castle, Harry faced death with a surprisingly calm mind and he faced the killing curse with the same clarity. Perhaps he thought that finally, it was over. He could relax and just accept his fate, but that wasn't to happen. He would return to finish what he'd started. Sharing his blood with Harry, Voldemort had unwittingly protected the very person he had wanted to kill. With the help of Narcissa Malfoy's lie to Voldemort, he was presumed dead. As Neville killed Nagini, the final horcrux, and the battle raged into the Entrance hall, Harry finally faced Voldemort a final time as the true owner of the Elder's wand.

Offering Voldemort a final chance for remorse, Voldemort's responded with a final killing curse. Using the Elder's wand to rebound the curse, Voldemort finally fell. This time for good. To this day, Harry doesn't really remember the extend of the next few days. He does, however, recall every detail of the Great Hall. He recalls all the bodies laid out within the room. He remembers Remus and Tonks, their hands clasped. He remembers Fred's lifeless form, surrounded by his grieving family. He remembers all their faces and from time to time, they haunt his dreams.

With the battle finally over and the Wizarding world gradually finding their way back to the peaceful times they've so longed for, Kingsley Shaklebolt offered Harry the opportunity to become an Auror, which he gladly accepted. He'd spent so long fighting against corruption and evil, there really wasn't anything else he could do with his life. With a career in his future, Harry and Ginny attempted to return to their previously short-lived relationship. For a while things were good. He started his training program, she focused on Quidditch and things seemed to settle for Harry. Things weren't nearly as perfect as he would have liked, however, and his relationship with Ginny gradually deteriorated.

When they did finally break it off, Harry fully expected for things to return to how they had been when he and Ginny had merely been friends. Unfortunately, when news of Ginny's actions were revealed to him all hopes of that had been erased. Only hours after they'd called it off, she'd slept with a random bloke. Something they had not progressed to in their own relationship. It was a slap in the face and one Harry's wasn't willing to forgive ... no matter how many times Molly tried to talk sense into him. Not only was his pride wounded, but he finally knew what it felt like for a friend to drive a knife through his chest.

Closing the door on a long standing friendship, resulted in Harry focusing his attention on his career. He's still close with Ron and Hermione, but even they have noticed how much of himself he's been putting into the reforms taking over the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. While he doesn't trust the institution of the Ministry, he is confident of the good that Kingsley will be able to do. Working along side the man has offered Harry the chance to really explore his political understanding and even a bit about himself.

Common Knowledge |
  • Is the only person to have survived the Killing curse.
  • Defeated Voldemort
  • Is the owner of the Elder's Wand, which he has locked and warded securely in an unnumbered vault within Gringotts. He does not trust himself with it and, therefore, trusts no one with it.
  • He's been asked a million times why he simply doesn't destroy the elder's wand and the answer is simple ... it was Dumbledore's. Despite the man's knack for keeping Harry in the dark, Harry still considers him a fatherly (or grandfatherly) figure in his life.
  • Used to date Ginny Weasley, but has not been in contact with her since the break up.
  • Auror within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Is working closely with Kingsley to rework the Auror department.
  • His rivalry with Draco Malfoy while at Hogwarts is almost legendary.
  • Was an excellent seeker and is still an avid Quidditch fan, cheering for Puddlemere United.

  • Secrets |
  • Is not entirely comfortable with going to the Burrow these days. He either feels like he's being pitied or looked down upon due to the events that took place with Ginny. Neither of these things are true, of course, but he tends to be a little paranoid about it.
  • Still expects to see Fred show up beside George when he stops into the Joke shop.
  • Carries a bit of bitterness with him toward Ron and Hermione for first doubting his accusations that Malfoy was up to something in their sixth year, as well as their doubts concerning his abilities during the hunt for the horcrux. He does not, however, allow this to interfere with their longstanding friendship.
  • Is secretly debating rebuilding his parents house in Godric's Hallow, but has yet to make any move toward it. He's not entirely sure if he can handle living in the house where his parents were murdered, rebuilt or not.
  • Feels guilty over his poor treatment of Snape.

  • Participation | Unless cornered and guilted into it by Molly Weasley, Harry has no intention of ever taking the Amesoeur potion. He's of the opinion that it is the single most socially disastrous potion to be created in recent history.

    Soul Mate Attributes | He's never really thought about it ... but in all honesty? Someone who seems him as "Harry" and not "Harry Potter".

    Plot Ideas | A few here and there. lol. We'll just have to wait and see.
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