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Alexandra Montgomery
the unbreakable heart

Full Name | Alexandra Elizabeth Montgomery
Nicknames | Lexi
Age | 25 Years Old
Birthday | 23 February 1978
Blood Status | Pureblood
House/Year | Ravenclaw '96
Location | London, England
Current Residence | Chelsea Harbour, shared with Demi.
Previous Occupation | Curse Breaker trainee, Gringotts
Current Occupation | Curse Breaker, Gringotts
Class | Old Money

Sophia Alexis Montgomery | Mother | Lexi and Sophia have rarely, if ever, seen eye to eye. The two of them have very different ideas as to what Lexi's life should be. Always the proper Pureblood socialite, Sophia completely expected her daughter to have the have the same appreciate for Pureblood society. Sadly, Lexi's opinion of that world is far from appreciative. As much as Lexi denies the fact that she's a tomboy, it clearly hold some truth. Even as a young girl, Lexi rebelled at having to wear fancy dresses and bows in her hair. For Sophia, it was a nightmare. What Pureblood daughter acted in such a way? Over time, the arguments grew quieter, but the tense attitude between the two of them prevented them from ever being overly close.

Antoni Octavian Montgomery | Father | Unlike her relationship with her Mother, Lexi enjoyed spending time with her Father. Despite having been raised in a strict Pureblood household, he didn't mind the fact that Lexi wasn't wearing dresses and actively interested in boys. He was content to let her grow as she was and Lexi loved him all the more for his acceptance. Despite there closeness, however, Lexi never really understood the person her Father was. Yes, he loved his children, but there were certain beliefs instilled in him as a child that he continued to follow. When the truth came out about his connection and subsequent involvement with the death of her younger brother, Lexi was crushed. The image she'd had of her father didn't fit the reality, leaving her to struggle with the truth of it. She has not spoken or seen her Father in six years.

Demetria Gwendolyn Montgomery | Sister, twin | Demi is the closest person to Lexi. The two have always been together and, if separated, Lexi's sure that she wouldn't know how to begin moving forward on her own. Their childhood was spent side by side, at Hogwarts they shared a house, and now, as adults, they share a home. As independent as she thinks she is, there's always been that supportive background of Demi to keep her standing straight. There will, of course, be a time when they extend the distance between them in order to allow for the growth of their own families, but for the moment, Lexi is content to let that linger in the future. As most siblings do, Lexi and Demi have had their bouts of sibling arguments, but they never seem to last long. One way or another, one of them will relent and things will return to the way they always have been and, presumably, always will be.

Maximus Xavier Montgomery | Brother, d. 1996 | With twelve years difference between the twins and Maximus, their relationship had barely begun to develop. Lexi, for her part, loved being an older sister to Maximus. Whenever she was at home, whether it be for summer or winter break, she had no problem taking her little brother out of her parents hands. It wasn't uncommon for them to arrive at the dinner table covered in mud and worn out ... much to their mother's horror and father's amusement. Maximus' death affected her greatly and is still not something she willingly talks about.

Friends | ... to be added as connections in game are developed.

Sexuality| Heterosexual
Significant Other | None.
Children | None.

Loyalty/Alliance | Lexi has no loyalty to either the "dark" or the "light". The only thing she can claim to have any loyalty to is her family and Gringotts. Her loyalty is not something that she gives freely, at least not anymore.

Role in the War | Prior to the revelation of her Father's allegiances and the death of her brother, Lexi could have easily supported the Order of the Phoenix. She would have also returned for the final battle of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, her father's betrayal and the loss of Max hardened her heart and she didn't return. She left them to fight their own battles, having decided that she'd paid enough for their stupid war.

Political Views | Lexi has no interest in the political world. As far as she's concerned, the Ministry of Magic isn't doing nearly enough to ensure the continued progress of the Wizarding World, but she's not naive enough to believe that this can be changed. The ministry has always opperated on it's own agenda rather than what is best for the people beneath it. No matter their experience, this will never change. Lexi, herself, is a traditionalist and she is strongly against Werewolf rights.

Height | 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight | 135 lbs
Hair | long, blonde, and naturally wavy
Eyes | varying shades of blue depending on her emotions

Detailed Appearance | Despite her Mother's protest, Lexi leaves something to be desired in her appearance. Rather than dressing the role of eligible pureblood lady ... or in Lexi's words, desperate, Lexi wears what she wants and only what she wants to. She's probably worn a skirt twice and hasn't even looked in the direction of a dress since she was sixteen. She's come to love a good pair of jeans and has gone even so far as to purchase several leather jackets. She takes great enjoyment in wearing them to her Mother's when she's forced to visit, which is usually major holidays and deaths in the family.

Standing at only 5 feet 5 inches tall, Lexi's height is rarely mentioned out loud. She quite clearly looks the sort to have an attitude and that isn't far from the truth at all. In fact, it's spot on. Armed with only a first impression, you're bound to find her cold, sarcastic, and to a certain extent mean. Her clothing choices, unlike many young woman her age, are strictly for comfort and mobility rather than any sort of fashion sense. She hates clothing that restrict her movements and she hates high heels ... however, she does have a certain love/appreciation for boots, which are allowed to maintain up to a four inch heel, depending on the style.

Finally there are two more features of her appearance that she added herself. First off, both of her ears are pierced. On the left side there are two silver studs and on the right there are three. She never wears hoops as (in her line of work) it's easy for them to get caught on things. She really has no interest in facing having one of them ripped out. Secondly, Lexi has a total of three tattoos. The first is located on her foot and depicts three simple stars, one for each of the three Montgomery children. The second is on her hip and is simply her brothers birthday, printed in roman numerals. The third, and final, tattoo is the largest and is located between her shoulder blades. The tattoo depicts a pair of wings and a Latin phrase that says "Alis Volat Propiis" or translated means, "She Flies With Her Own Wings."

Wand | 10 inches, Black Laurel, Dragon Heartstring
Boggart | Fenrir Greyback
Patronus | Egyptian Asp

Strengths | leadership, fierce determination, loyalty to her own kind, extremely protective of those she cares about, problem solver, not afraid to get her hands dirty, attention to detail, excellent memory
Weaknesses | no filter, doesn't like being corrected, has quite the temper when provoked, can be blinded by her dislike for werewolves, her determination can sometimes hinder her when she's attempting to achieve something that is simply not in her power to achieve

Detailed Personality | Lexi has always had a very strong will. Even prior to her rebelling, it was very difficult to talk her out of anything once she'd set her mind on it. Since rebelling, however, she's hell bent on escaping upper class society and all the expectations that go along with it. Her biggest strength, outside of her will, is her determination. It's why she's so good at overcoming challenges. She doesn't stop until she gets what she's after, which makes her a fantastic Curse Breaker. Patience is never an issue (at least when it comes to her work) and that is what makes her successful.

Along side her determination, lies Lexi's inability to give up. For the most part, Lexi works until she deems the job completed. However, some times what she wants just isn't plausible with the situation. Her weakness is an inability to admit to her own limitations. She's convinced that she has none and it sometimes gets in the way of success. She doesn't choose her battles, but takes them all head on.

It may not seem like it, but underneath her rough exterior Lexi is a very complicated person. There are many aspects to her personality that she doesn't allow anyone to see, instead preferring to build up that wall around her and let people think she's only a bitch with an attitude. That Bitch persona is definitely the largest and most developed of her personality. If she had to pinpoint a single moment in time when this persona started to take hold, it would have been when her brother was killed. She'd felt so much rage and hurt that it had been her choice of an outlet. It became her way to shut out the world and take her pain out on anyone who dared come too close.

It's the emotions beneath this that Lexi doesn't allow out in public. She adores children and misses her brother terribly. If she's honest, she still wants a herd of children, even having known what it felt like to loose someone close to her so young. If given the opportunity, she'd trade everything to just escape into that sort of life. She's certain, however, it's not going to happen. She's grown so used to pushing people away that she can't seem to stop doing it. Besides, she can't live happily ever after while werewolves and the like are out hurting people.

Childhood | Lexi's childhood didn't really differ from that of most of the other Pureblood children. Her parents had hoped for a male heir, naturally, but they were happy to be blessed with not one but two healthy daughters. Born as identical twins, it was a surprise to their parents when Demi's hair darkened while Lexi's did not. Even then it was clear that they were determined to have their own identities. At first, Sophia and Antoni thought that perhaps the difference was an early display of magic, but when the colour of their hair remained unwavering they let go of the notion. It would be a few years before Sophia discovered the two of them in the process of levitating cookies from the pantry. No one could be sure which of the girls were responsible for it, but in the face of the knowledge that their children had a full magical ability, no one seemed to mind assuming that it had been both of them.

With identical little smiles and soft curls, it's not hard to imagine that Lexi and Demi were more than capable of talking their parents into whatever it was they wanted. It was a bit of a harder sell with Sophia, but Antoni folded at barely a hint of tears. The girls were spoiled rotten and most certainly loved. Christmas was always a huge affair in the Montgomery household. Lexi, for her part, loved the season. She loved being up to her ears in fresh snow and often left Sophia struggling to get her to come inside. Thankfully, warming charms and levitation spells seemed to aid her ... even if at times, Sophia wished to use a good silencing charm on her little blonde daughter.

Even the house elves had difficult with Lexi from time to time. She was fascinated by the creatures and their ability to control magic. When her parents were too busy to take the time to show her little bits of magic, Lexi trailed after the house elves, taking a particular liking to the Elves she would find in the Kitchen. Playing with them always meant cookies and/or other treats when the lady of the house wasn't looking.

By the time their Hogwarts letters arrived, there were plenty within the Montgomery household that were looking forward to a small reprieve from the busy and excitable twins.

Hogwarts | Lexi was ridiculously excited for her time at Hogwarts. Both of her parents had attended the school before her and she'd grown up listening to the stories they told about the castle. As her 11th birthday drew closer, she hadn't been content with mere stories. She wanted to experience it for herself. Unlike some of the other children, she had no expectations of her when it came to being sorted and it came as no surprise to find the extremely curious Lexi being sorted into the House of Ravenclaw. Her parents had both been Slytherin before her, but it simply hadn't suited her needs. Ravenclaw would turn out to be the perfect home away from home.

With the excitement of their first year, Lexi also found new streaming in from home. Their mother was with child for a second time and both of the girls couldn't have been more excited. Their first year at Hogwarts seemed to pass in a blur of friendships, excitement, exploration, and learning. Her experience of Hogwarts that first year was everything she had expected it to be and it would still turn out to be the quietest of all her years there. Neither her or Demi were quite prepared for everything that would happen in the next six years.

With an early birth in the last half of August, Lexi and Demi found themselves older sisters to a little brother. Lexi took to being a big sister like a fish to water. She wanted to be involved in everything. Unfortunately, her enthusiasm had to be tempered somewhat as Max wasn't even old enough to hold up his own head. The two girls, having said good bye to the new addition to their family, returned to Hogwarts with smiles on their faces and a certain excitement to return home for the holidays. This excitement, however, was sidetracked as Harry Potter entered the Hogwarts student population. Like every other wizarding child, they new who Harry Potter was and were just as excited to catch a glimpse of the boy. Lexi, as she was ought to do, had built up this image of the Boy-who-lived and the short boy with glasses did not live up to her expectations. She just didn't see what all the fuss was about and her interest in him dwindled.

Of course, the introduction of Harry Potter into the school only seemed to stir the hornets nest as the castle seemed to move from one frightening situation to another. When the Chamber of Secrets was opened, Lexi and Demi very nearly remained home after the Christmas break. Neither of her parents were entire sure that Hogwarts was safe and they were only proven right as finally a student was taken down into the chamber. Lexi had never before wished to return from Hogwarts early, but she did then.

From there things only grew worse with the escape of Sirius Black and the institution of Death Eaters at Hogwarts. Again, Lexi found herself feeling not entirely safe within the walls of the castle. Even with Dumbledore presiding over them as Headmaster, she couldn't entirely shake the feeling. With the arrival of the Triwizard tournament, it looked as though Hogwarts (both staff and students) were looking to change things around. Everyone seemed to want to move from the last few years into a better one and it looked like it might be successful ... and then Cedric Diggory was killed and Hogwarts was rocked by the loss and subsequent announcement that Lord Voldemort had returned.

Like Harry Potter, everyone knew who Lord Voldemort was. Even the Muggleborns around them knew. It was tense year to follow as rumors of the Dark Lords return battled with claims that Dumbledore and Potter were lying. Lexi didn't care to take one side or the other, she just wanted to remain out of the problem. So long as they were only rumours she was content to look the other way and continue with her studies. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before said rumours were proven to be the truth. Through the entire development, discussions of Lord Voldemort were restricted from the Montgomery household. No one seemed to want to talk about it and that was fine with Lexi.

Of course, this did nothing to prepare her for the arrival of a few Death Eaters requesting the Montgomery's support. Lexi couldn't quite understand how her father had suddenly become a supporter of He-Who- Must-Not-Be-Named, but for once was proud of her Mother when she refused to support the man. The girls returned for their seventh year only to find out that their younger brother had been killed by Fenrir Greyback in their absence, due to their mother's refusal that Lexi had been so proud of. The two returned home for the Christmas break early to find the house cold and empty. Their father was gone, no one seemed to know where, and their Mother was devastated at the loss of her son.

For Lexi, there wasn't a grieving process ... or at least none that anyone could recognize. She drew deeper within herself, guilty about not having been able to protect Max. Her carefree and excitable nature tapered off to a quiet and isolated shadow. Leaving her to return to Hogwarts a very different person than when she'd left. She didn't want to interact with people and discuss the coming war. She didn't care about Quidditch or what others were planning to do that weekend. She certainly didn't care about the Order of the Phoenix or Harry bloody Potter. None of them had been able to prevent her brother's death and she was sure none of them cared, either. Focusing on her studies, Lexi graduated with her sister and never once looked back.

Post-Hogwarts | With the political turmoil surrounding the Ministry of Magic after her graduation, Lexi didn't bother looking in that direction for a career path. She wanted something hands on that would occupy her time and give her limited moments to reflect on the last few years of her life. She didn't want to deal with it as her mother urged her to, she just wanted to forget it and pretend it never happened. Deciding that the safest and most profitable place to work was with the Goblins, Lexi embarked on the two year training program for Curse Breaking. She'd always enjoyed defense and charms and her marks in both certainly spoke of her abilities. She hadn't been a Ravenclaw for nothing, it seemed.

When whispers of a final battle at Hogwarts reached her, she didn't respond like some of the other former Hogwarts students. Many returned to help fight, but Lexi turned her back on all of it and continued her job. She felt no remorse in participating in a war between two sides who wanted to control the outcome of the wizarding world. There wasn't much of a difference between the two sides, if you asked her. As far as she was concerned, she'd sacrificed enough already, whether or not she'd been willing to.

The war came and went with little connection to Lexi. Her father was pronounced missing in action and thought to have escaped with the remaining Death Eaters after the fall of Hogwarts, but Lexi barely raised her head at the announcement. She didn't care what he was or where he was. Everything that had happened was his fault and she wasn't ready nor would she ever be ready to forgive him for that. With a year of her training program under her belt, she pushed forward strengthening both her physical strength and her mind for the moment when she left the training program and was actually expected to be out in the field.

Much to her displeasure, she did not finish the training program at the top of the class, but third wasn't exactly something to complain about either. She was surprised to find, however, how much she enjoyed being out in the field. Sure, she had enjoyed training, but it was nothing like tearing down the structure of a old and dangerous curse. She took to her job and it wasn't long before she had her own assignments, out from underneath a supervisor. Even with her sharp tongue Gringotts has yet to have a complaint about her work.

Common Knowledge |
  • Has extremely sharp claws and often a sharper tongue ... though, she tries to restrict this to people who are purposefully stupid.
  • Her father was a Death Eater
  • Her brother was killed by Fenrir Greyback
  • She's an advocate for the dismissal of Werewolf rights
  • Lives with her twin sister
  • Absolutely LOVES chilli cheese fries ... a 'don't get between her and them or you'll end up severely hurt' sort of deal.

  • Secrets |
  • Sometimes she feels like she isn't her own person. Being a twin and an identical twin, she feels that her and Demi are interchangeable to people ... despite their different hair colours. She can't tell you how many times she's been called Demi. Each time it's like a sharp little jab in the back of her mind.
  • Outwardly, she wishes her Father would get everything he has coming to him. Secretly, however, she misses him terribly.
  • Despite her rough outer exterior, Lexi loves children and would love to have a whole herd of them. She doubts that will ever happen, but that hasn't really killed the dream.

  • Participation | Yes, she will ... however, it will not be voluntary. Come the new year, someone will think it hilarious to see if the potion works on Goblins and will be circulating the stuff. Sadly, it does not affect Goblins, just their Wizarding employees.

    Soul Mate Attributes | Given her rather difficult personality and attitude, Lexi's soul mate will certainly have to be someone who knows how to handle her. Sugar coating everything is going to land you out on your arse in the cold. What she really needs is someone who isn't afraid to stand up to her and argue their point. She'll respect that. She's much more likely to last in a relationship if they're not asking to hold her hand or other such nonsense. If you have to ask, you're not doing it right.

    Plot Ideas | A few here and there. lol. We'll just have to wait and see.


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